Friday, March 31, 2006
Funniest Home Videos

Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows...Funniest Home Videos. There was a little boy in one video that had fallen asleep with a jar of vaseline (open) right next to him. As the videographer scanned the camera up the boys body you could see that he had smeared vaseline from one end of himself to the other! His face was the worst, he must have had an inch thick layer of vaseline on his face. I guess I shouldn't have laughed so hard. But, I completely understood! My mom led Hannah by the hand into the room where I am just a bit ago and this is what Hannah had been doing for the last ten minutes or so. I thought she was with Maw Maw and I guess Maw Maw thought she was with me. Needless to say, she wasn't with either one of us...she was being cared for by Desitin!

She is very proud of herself here, you can tell!

Tonight after Hannah had her bath and got dressed for bed, she decided she would hula hoop for a little while. She eventually got to the point where she was just spinning around the living room, making herself dizzy! I don't know how she spins around for so long. I did that once at my Aunt Pat's house while she was vacuuming and got so sick to my stomach, I thought I was going to puke. I remember she gave me a bucket to hold while I was on the couch and told me that I probably shouldn't do that anymore. Do you remember that Aunt Pat? Anyway here are a couple of pics of Hannah hula hooping! Look below, she even does it while standing on her knees. Now how talented is that?? I can't do it anyway but, around my neck! Too much stuff everywhere else but, that's o.k. 'cause I'm workin' on that!

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Downtown Aquarium

Today after Papa's procedure Joey and I decided we would spend some family time with Hannah and went to the Downtown Aquarium. That place is really neat. They had alligators, fish of all kinds, a bird and even a tiger! Hannah had a blast. Although I think she was kind of scared during the exhibit part of the day. They had jungle noises playing on the speakers and she kept saying, "what dat?" I guess what made it worse is that she woke up at 7:00 this morning saying, "dit dat tiger out of here!" She must have been dreaming about a tiger because she kept saying that it was beside Maw Maw's bed. Poor thing, she cried and I felt terrible for her. I don't like for her to be scared like that, it makes me feel terrible.

Here is Hannah with her daddy by the parrot. I think it made her a little nervous. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to look in the direction of the camera. I guess she felt like at least if she watched it she could get away from it if she saw it coming at her! I had a hard time deciding which pictures to put on the blog so you're getting a bunch today! Should make up for all the days that I didn't post any. You can get your fix today! I also have some video but, I probably wont get into those tonight!

Posing in the diving tank was fun. They had steps behind this diver statue thing and she was able to stand up behind him so that we could almost see her. She still wasn't quite tall enough though so Joey held her up. They had sting rays that you could actually touch in this area. Joey was brave enough but, Hannah and I passed on that one, thank you! Then they had a bottle of hand sanitizer for you to use on your hands but, you have to reach to practically the bottom of the tank. Hand sanitizer doesn't work so well up to the elbow!

Joey took mine and Hannah's picture standing by this tiger statue. I wish the pictures of the actual tiger had come out but I had my finger over the lens when I took those pictures! Lovely! I'm quite the photographer...don't hire me for anyone's wedding! I was surprised though that Hannah stood as close as she did to the tiger. He (I guess he was a he) was just behind a piece of glass and so you were able to stand right next to him! Creepy! He had a pool in his cage and Hannah was impressed that he was taking a bath! She did jump when he ran past her real fast chasing his ball. But, she kinda laughed at him too so I guess she wasn't too traumatized. All this after her dream about the tiger this morning!

Outside they had a merry go round, ferris wheel, train and a dancing water fountain among other things. The water fountain was set up so that kids could actually get in it and water would squirt up randomly out of holes in the ground. If they were standing right over a hole when it squirted, they got wet! I was glad I had brought an extra set of clothes that included a onsie so that I could change Hannah before she got in there. Because once she saw it and that kids were playing in there, she was so there! The fountain got her once right in the face. She took it rather well! I guess she was having too much fun to let it bother her!

Update On Papa...

Just wanted to let everyone know that Papa came through his heart cath just fine and the good news is that when they looked at his heart everything looked great. He didn't have to have a stint or angioplasty done. Thank you to everyone that prayed for him. He is at home now...already had ice cream!

Mells My Feet!

Just looking through some old pictures of Hannah. This one is from when she was 8 months old. Wasn't she cute!?!? I think so, I still think so. Today after taking her bath she looked at me, all wrapped up in her towel, and said, "you wanna mell my feet?" "No, I don't want to smell your feet," I said. "Dere tlean, mells 'em!" she says! "No thank you," I replied as she stuck her foot practically up my nose! So what could I do but, smell her feet! No one else on the face of the earth would get away with that! I don't even smell my own feet! I think she learned that from Joey. I believe I have seen him telling her to smell his feet! How disgusting is that????

Pray for Hannah's Papa. Tomorrow (Thursday) he is having a heart cath. done and possibly having angioplasty (sp?) or a stint put in.

Monday, March 27, 2006
Hannah's Thoughts On Losers

Tonight we went to the mall and while Joey took a class for his computer at the apple store, my mom, Hannah, Leigh Anne and I ate, rode the merry go round and took Hannah to the play area. When Joey finished his class he met us in the play area. I asked Joey if he would watch her in there while we went over to Stride Rite for some new shoes for Hannah. When we were paying for Hannah's shoes my mom says to me, "that sounds like Hannah singing Happy Birthday to you!" I listened for a minute and it was! Now Stride Rite isn't that far from the play area but, I shouldn't have been able to hear Hannah from where we were but, I could! Joey said there was another little girl in there that applauded Hannah and said, "my favorite song is Twinkle Little Star!" What a little ham Hannah is!

Click here to see Hannah on the Merry Go Round! Warning the video quality isn't wonderful!

Now I have always considered Hannah to be a very bright child...who doesn't think their child is smart...but, I know Hannah really is smart. There are disadvantages to having a child that picks up vocabulary quickly. Tonight as we drove home we hear Hannah from her carseat saying, "lewzurs suck!" What? What did she just say? Then she said it again..."lewzurs suck!" "Hannah, don't ever say that! Where did you learn that," we asked. "Fwom Wittle Wascals." I didn't know they said that in that movie and I've watched it 20 or so times!

When I go into public restrooms, I try my hardest not to touch anything! And it freaks me out when Hannah touches anything too but, never the less, she always touches practically everything. I know, it's disgusting! I always hear people snickering in the stalls next to me when I say, "Hannah don't touch ANYTHING!" Well, I guess she has seen me flush the toilet with my foot before and a couple of times she has stuck her foot up to flush. Amazingly, her legs are long enough that she manages to flush like that. Kind of defeats the purpose though when she holds on to the bar to keep her balance, you know the one that everyone else probably touches while they're in there. Not to worry though soap and water always follows!

"Dat Says Hannah's Name!"

It's been a few days since I posted last. We've been a little busy this weekend. As you can see Hannah has already been quite the busy one in the make-up this morning. She is so fast! She has only been up about an hour and is already getting into things. A few minutes ago she brought me the bag of grapes that I bought over the weekend, she must be hungry. When I went to wash them for her I saw where she had gotten them from. The refrigerator door was wide open. Wonder what else is missing from there! I guess it's going to be one of those days, I'd better put my running shoes on!!

Over the weekend I discovered that Hannah has a new thing she has learned. The other day she was brushing her teeth and she pointed to the hot water knob and said, "dat says Hannah's name, it's a H!" She was so excited. It's weird because all of the sudden she is pointing out the letter "H". It was on the wall at a restaurant, on a street's everywhere! She gets so excited when she finds an "H". She'll say, "look, dat says Hannah's name! It's a "H". "H" says,'huhhh'!" She even said yesterday morning that there was an "H" on my beep beep thing! That's the steering wheel, in case you were wondering! I hope she doesn't lay claim to my car now!! Hopefully I still have a few years for that!

Thursday, March 23, 2006
I Should Be Doing Something Else!

But, I'm not! I should be working on things for the ladies banquet that is coming up in April but, Hannah wanted pony tails in her hair and so I've been doing that and taking her picture. I'm just thrilled that she has enough hair to stay in pony tails now! Actually I always wanted a bald baby and that is definitely what I got. I loved her little onion skinned head every minute that she had it but, there is something exciting about being able to put pony tails in her hair. And you have to admit that she is really cute with them but, at the same time it makes me a little sad because it just means that she is growing all the more!

I also think it is amazing that I was actually able to get them somewhat symmetrical. She was wiggling the entire time. I kept saying, "Hannah, would you please be still!" I had thought if I gave her something to stand on in front of the mirror she would watch and cooperate a little but, she seemed more interested in the sink and faucet than looking in the mirror. Now when I want her to wash her hands is when she wants to look in the mirror! Crazy how that works! And as you can see, getting her to look at the camera these days is an issue all in itself!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As are the pictures of Hannah at the pool today. I went to take some pictures of her while she was in the pool and the lifeguard told me that they didn't allow cameras! What is that about? I can't take pictures of my own daughter swimming? Well, I took some pictures while the lifeguards were on their break. So I had to settle for pictures of her sitting by the pool rather than in the pool! If that isn't the dumbest thing! I guess they are afraid that I'm going to copy their idea of how to set up a pool inside a building and I might start a little competition for them! I don't know. I really don't mean to be so sarcastic, it just kind of irritated me that they wouldn't let me take her picture while she was swimming. Oh well, I'll try again when there are different lifeguards. O.k. I'm done with that gripe! I think!

I didn't tell her where we were going this morning until we were getting into the car. I just kept telling her that we were going to a special place and that she would have so much fun. When I was trying to get her to sit down in her carseat (which sometimes takes a minute or two) I told her that we were going to the fwimmin' fwace! She raised her eyebrows and looked at me surprised an asked, "an we donna fwim at dat fwimmin' fwace?" She sang the entire way there. She didn't realize that we had pulled up to the place when I said, "are we there yet?" She looked up and squealed, "yep, we here now, we at dat fwimmin' fwace and we donna fwim, fwim, fwim! I toe tited a doe dere!"

When it was time to go and I finally coaxed her out of the pool (by telling her they were closing) we went into the locker room to change into dry clothes and they have some fancy scale there and she hopped up on it. She weighed 26.4 pounds. Now I have a way to weigh her more accurately than our home scales and I don't have to wait until she has a doctor's appointment.

Tuesday...I Can't Think Of A Catchy Title Day!

Today we went to our Tuesday lunch with our friends. We arrived last and left first! Not intentionally, just kinda the way it worked out. There were so many people there today...6 moms and 10 kiddos! That is just crazy! It was very noisy there today!

Then tonight I had a meeting with the ladies at church to go over plans for our annual ladies banquet. I left Hannah home with Maw Maw and Daddy! And...I really missed her. After the meeting I went to work out and didn't get home until 11:50 PM. Hannah was already asleep and it kinda made me sad because I was wanting to tell her goodnight and see her for just a minute before she went to sleep. Strange how that is. I spent all day with Hannah and I still missed her for the few hours that I was gone. I know that I am fortunate to stay home with her. I don't think...let me rephrase that...I know I wouldn't last one day in the work world now that I have her. I would be worthless to any employer because all I would be able to do is wonder what she was doing and if she was doing something new that I was missing! I know that some mother's don't really have a choice about working but, I honestly don't know how they do it. I could have waken her up when I got home tonight but, somehow I don't think Maw Maw would have appreciated that very much because she probably had just gotten her down.

Tomorrow Hannah and I are going swimming at the fitness center. I have worked out for 5 days in a row and now I'm going to take a day or two off. But, I am going to take her swimming. I'm so excited, I can't wait. Now I need to go wash my fwimmin' tute (see Bocabuwawy Post) so that it will be dry by morning. I'll try to get a few pictures tomorrow when we go.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today the air conditioner cut off and made the house creak. When that happened Hannah looked at me and ran and jumped in my lap. Then she kinda giggled like, "what the heck was that?" I asked her if that noise scared her and she said, "yes, what was dat noise?" I explained to her that sometimes the house makes noises and they are nothing to be afraid of. "But, I are fwaid of dat, dat a pweepy noise!" It did make me feel good that she ran to me for protection. While I don't want her to be scared, I'll never turn away a chance for a good hug and a little lap time! should all be proud of me...I have worked out for the 4th day straight! I feel really good! But, I have to confess that on the way home from the gym tonight, we stopped by Taco Bell for dinner! Darn the luck, it was the only place open! Anyway, I didn't eat any more than I usually would so I figured that my work out wasn't completely waisted!! Ha ha, yes, I meant waisted not wasted! Plus, I ate really well all day today...better than usual so I'm still o.k. Oh alright, I'll quit, I shouldn't have had Taco Bell for dinner but, it was oh, so yummy!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I consider Hannah to have quite the extensive vocabulary for a child her age. But, sometimes the words don't come out the way some would think they should. Personally I think she talks rather well, I understand practically everything she says. So for your enjoyment I have compiled a list of just a few of Hannah's vocabulary words for you (in no particular order). Note: I'm not going to spell check this post...I'd be here all day!

pway-an enjoyable activity done with friends, can also be done with family members or alone.
fray-talking to God.
pway era-an area in the mall or eating establishment designed with children in mind, it generally has climbing structures and padded surfaces.
fwing-sitting on a seat attached to two chains hanging from a tree, ceiling or other high sturdy surface and going back and forth on it.
mcdonalds-a place to eat chicken nuggets and pway on deir pway era.
pwize-the toy that comes in your kid's meal.
fwize-the fried potatoes that come in your kid's meal.
macdonald-that duck that runs around with Mickey Mouse.
tuckie teese-an eating establishment designed for hyperactive children, they serve pizza and put on a show with a mouse by the name of Chuck, they also have a huge pway era.
dunna-another way of saying going to.
doe-to go.
Mom-another name for Maw Maw.
Dawn-another name for Mommy (Shawn).
Doe-ey-another name for Daddy (Joey).
My pear-rents-another name for Mimi and Papa.
fwimmin'-getting in the water and flailing your arms and legs about to propel you through the water.
fwimmin' fwace-the thing with the water in it.
fwimmin' tute-what you wear in the fwimmin' fwace.
ticken-a bird that is good for eating once fried, baked, boiled or grilled.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Amazingly she stayed asleep all night and half of yesterday morning. She went to sleep around 9:15 or 9:30 PM and didn't wake until 5:00 AM and then it was only for a few minutes to get something to eat...she didn't eat her dinner. Then she slept again until about 11:00 AM. I'm sure she is about to hit a growth spurt. All that eating and sleeping.

Here she is while we were waiting for Joey to finish copying the bulletins for Sunday. We sat in the car while he went into office depot to make the copies. I let Hannah get out of her carseat and play. She drove and messed with every knob and button she could find. I had her scoot the seat way forward so that when Joey got back in he would have trouble getting in. It worked. The driver's seat on a Honda Pilot will get as close as about 6 inches from the steering wheel. Why anyone would want that is beyond me. It will also raise up higher and tilt! Sorry about your shin, honey!

Last night Joey and I joined a fitness club! Aaagh! I have to have a test run on my heart in May and I am determined that the results will be better than last time! It's called an MVO2 and it is the test that they use to determine if you are eligible for a heart transplant. You have to get on a tread mill and I'm convinced that they want you to walk until your legs fall of or you pass out and die one! I'm not talking strollin' here either! I'm talkin' uphill practically running! I don't know how anyone "passes" that test. Anyway, your maximum volume oxygen or something like that has to be at 14 or below for you to be eligible for a transplant and I am shooting for at least 15. The first time I had that test run, my number was 11.3...yuk! The second time it was 13.something. This time it will be higher!

Look, it's a mini Minnie Pearl!

Friday, March 17, 2006
Here's To Hoping...

Hoping that...

... she's down for the night! Hannah went to sleep tonight when we were at dinner. That was a late dinner at about 9:15 or so. She is still asleep now and it's 12:40...I'm praying that she will stay asleep because that is a terribly long nap for so late in the evening.

...and there aren't crayon's in our pipes somewhere! Today I went into the bathroom where Hannah had been...supposedly going potty! Above you can see what she was actually doing. It's not a great picture of it so if you can't tell, that is the toilet lid. She decorated it using little wax writing utensils! I tried to find the crayons that she did this with but, can't. Do you think that might be the reason the toilet was stopping up?!?!?! Augh! I don't think she would really flush crayons down the toilet but, then again, she is two! If I'm not mistaken, two year olds have been known to do such a thing...haven't they?

And yes, she's still my favorite girl!

Thursday, March 16, 2006
I Not Hunry Anymore!

This morning Hannah woke up and said, "I not hunry anymore!" After I posted yesterdays post, she also had some Cheetos! I don't know what the deal was! She still ate well today, though not quite as much as yesterday! Maybe if she keeps that up she will not continue to have the problem she had today. Hannah has more than one pair of pants that I have tacked up in the waist so they would stay on her little hiney. But today that presented somewhat of a problem. It seems that though they stay up when she is running...they also stay up when she is trying to get to the potty in time! Augh! What to do...

We didn't do much today...just stayed around the house. I pulled some weeds out of Hannah's sandbox and she played in there some. This was a treat for her because I'm not really an outside person and we don't go outside much to play but, the weather here was very and breezy, not very humid.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Yep, You're In The Right Place!

Well, what do you think about our new look?? I never have cared much for the templates that are automatically on blogger so I have been in search for a new one for quite some time now! you can see, I finally found one that I like. I'll have to admit though that I was pretty nervous about hitting the save template changes button. But, I think I'm happy with the change of scenery! And if I decide that I hate it later, I can always change it back pretty easily. Hopefully, I have linked back to the creators correctly and have given credit where credit is due...if not, I am truly sorry and all I can say is, "I'm a dork, leave me a comment and I'll fix it!"

So, tell me what you think!...About the new look, not the fact that I am a dork!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Miss Piggy

You wouldn't believe what Hannah ate today! Yes, I'm going to tell you everything she ate today! She ate 6 chicken nuggets, a fruit cup, sour cream and onion ruffles, half a side order of mac 'n cheese, half of Joey's broccoli, a few bites of steak, about half a chicken strip, peanuts, part of a roll, a few bites of tomatoes, part of a huge sucker and she just came in here and asked me if I heard that noise. "What is it," I ask. "We makin' tome poptorn!" She must be about to hit a growth spurt! Normally I have trouble forcing her to eat a few bites at each meal...not today, she just kept eating! We went to the Galleria today and Hannah loved watching the ice skaters. There was also a water fountain in one part of the Galleria and the water fell from the ceiling to the pool below. We acted like we were going to throw her in there and she loved every minute of it. "I don't wanna take a shower," she would squeal! That's funny she never says that when I'm in the shower...she always wants in there with me! Hummm!

Monday, March 13, 2006
Are Y'all Dot Me A Pink Nini?

Well, we did. Tonight Joey and I went to get my oil changed, stopped by CVS for medicine and then stopped at Target for bread...and pink ninies! When we got home we asked Maw Maw if Hannah was good enough to get a prize and she said, "yes"...of course she wouldn't tell us if she hadn't been. Looks good with her pink gown, don't you think?

I think it is safe to say that the full moon was in full effect today! Maw Maw had a flat tire on the way to work this morning and Joey had to go change it for her. The lady that was supposed to stay with Leigh Anne didn't show trouble, so we all went to lunch with Mimi. She is on spring break and we were going to spend some time with her today. After lunch we went to Fry's electronics and looked around. Then back home to take Mimi to get her car, then to Discount Tire to drop off Maw Maw's tire. On the way home from there we saw a little girl riding her bike get hit by a car! Joey said her name was Julie so, if you think of her, say a prayer for her and for the lady that hit her. The little girl seemed o.k. when the ambulance took her to the hospital but, she had a huge bump on her head and was fighting to get up. Then she really freaked out when they put the neck brace on her. And the lady that hit her was very upset. She had a green light and I don't think it was her fault but, I know she must feel awful. Leigh Anne, Hannah and I waited in the car while Joey got out to see if they needed help then waited for the police and ambulance to arrive. Leigh Anne was upset and Hannah kept asking questions then she thought we hit the little girl. When we finally got home she told Maw Maw that "we hit dat dirl on her bicycle." I'm still not sure she understands that we didn't hit her. She may bring it up later and we'll talk about it again though. Joey had 3 seconds of fame tonight though because they showed a clip on the news about the accident. The shot they showed was taken from a news chopper and you could see a spec of Joey in the top corner of the screen!

My car has been sucking oil fumes for some time now and I had to get my oil changed and on the way home we stopped at CVS and as we were pulling in we saw an ambulance and about 5 police cars in the parking lot. I almost told Joey to turn around and we'd come back later. I didn't want the police that were there to see us and think we were ambulance chasers!!! Because we saw some of the same police officers. We think one of them saw Joey and recognized him because he did a double take. But, we went anyway...I was ready to get home for good. That was enough for one day...don't you think? I'm glad to be turning in early tonight!

Sunday, March 12, 2006
I Don't Know Why But...

...I hope she doesn't grow up and marry a cowboy! This weekend our church held a Real Men's Conference. They had activities for the men of the church and their friends on Saturday and then they had special speakers for this morning's service that was for the whole family. Well, Hannah has been real into Toy Story the last month or so. So much so that if you remember we got her a "towboy" aka Woody doll. He came complete with a guitar that straps to his back. One of the speakers this morning was a real live cowboy...he came dressed in his hat, boots, chaps and spurs! He talked about his life as a cowboy and his relationship with God. At the beginning of his testimony he got up there with a guitar and sang a song. It was hilarious to watch Hannah watch this cowboy. She was sitting on Carol Anne's lap and didn't have a good view of the cowboy so she tells Carol Anne, "I tan't see de towboy," and moves to the other side where she can have a better look.

She fell asleep during the other speakers ... nothing against them ... they just weren't wearing chaps and spurs! Go figure! During the break, Hannah told Maw Maw that she wanted to see "dat towboy adain!" And she was asking where he was during the 2nd half of the services. Afterwards we had a barbecue dinner at church and as we were leaving she had to tell the cowboy bye! Then I was putting her in her carseat and she didn't want to sit down so I told her the cowboy was watching and she sat down real fast. I said, "you want the cowboy to see you being a good girl and being sweet, don't you?" "Uh-huh," she said. Then she had to wave at him in his truck as we pulled out of the parking lot!

There should be a song, "Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Marry Cowboys!" I would sing it to her everyday!!! Wait a minute, it doesn't matter if he's a cowboy...I don't want her to get married to anyone!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006
Not So Much Fun At Super Target!

Tonight we went to dinner with the church staff families and some guest speakers that are here for a men's conference at our church. Hannah did pretty well during dinner even though we had to sit for quite some time. Other than putting her feet on the table a few times (we're working on that) she was pretty well behaved. Here she is at Buca de Beppo's with "her Miss Lynn's mama," as she referred to her on the way home. Today was her birthday so the waitress brought out a lit candelabra and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

After dinner we went by Best Buy and Super Target (yee-haw, Super Target). However, we didn't stay long in Target. Hannah threw the biggest fit she has thrown in her entire life! I mean the biggest! I was surprised at the fit she threw! We were in the children's section just looking around at the clothes and as we were headed out of that section we passed by the pacifiers (we should be working on that too) and Hannah saw her pink! Of course she wanted some because she doesn't have pink ones. So I thought, whatever I don't care if she has a pink nini...they will match her pink clothes! I grabbed a two pack and put them in the basket. Well, halfway down that aisle she sees the bottles and starts crying because she wants a bottle too. Sorry, I draw the line at the pacifier...we're not getting a bottle. At which she screams! Yeah, she screamed! "Stop that! We do not scream like that," through my teeth. Screams again..."I want dat bottle!" I am talking the people on the other side of the store heard that she wanted a bottle scream! Oh, I don't think so! So I put the pacifiers back and we headed to find daddy because we were leaving! And the whole store heard the whole thing. Everyone except Joey that is! I had to call him from the car because I was tired of people looking at me in that "shut your kid up" tone of look! The rest of the way through the store she was screaming because I had put the pacifiers back. "I want pink ninies, I want dose pink ninies!"

Now I consider myself to be somewhat firm with Hannah. I understand that she is only two but, I feel that if I let her get away with things when she is two, she will not understand when she is five and suddenly I don't let her get away with the same things. That wouldn't really be fair to her anyway. But, tonight this "being firm" took on a whole new meaning for me. So much so that it makes me want to cry. When I told her that little girls that act like that and aren't nice don't get nice prizes and new things, she changed her tune real fast and said, "oh, I nice now, I want dat pink nini." And she cried like her heart was broken and I honestly think she was sorry for screaming in the store. It was sad and I wanted more than anything to run back in the store and get the pink nini for her. I don't mind if she is spoiled, I just don't want her to be a brat. And I'll probably get her a pink nini tomorrow. But, I couldn't tonight and it nearly killed me!

Thursday, March 09, 2006
Show Me The Monkey!

Ever since I heard that Curious George was coming out at the movies, I have been about to pop wanting to take Hannah to see it. This afternoon Joey and I finally took her. Very cute movie by the way! Hannah watched the entire thing. We went later in the day so we weren't the only ones in the theatre like when we went to see Chicken Little. There weren't that many people there but, there were about 4 children sitting pretty close to us and at one point in the movie I looked around at all of them and all 4 were standing up resting their chins on their hands propped up on the seats in front of them. Maybe it's one of those things where you just had to be there but, it looked hilarious. I was surprised that Hannah watched the whole movie the way she did. Last time we went she did pretty good but, was somewhat distracted during parts of the movie. This time she watched all of it. She even laughed during parts of it. I tried taking some pictures with my phone ('cause I forgot the camera) but, it was too dark in the theatre for me to get anything good.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Uncle Wayne's Boots

A lot of times on Sundays Hannah's uncle, Wayne comes over to visit after church. This past Sunday was no exception. And usually on Sunday's I, like any other good baptist, like to take an afternoon nap. I am not happy if I don't get to take one. However, since Hannah came along, those naps a lot of times don't happen! Why? Because Hannah doesn't do naps on Sunday...she's not saved yet!!! Ha Ha! Just kidding! But, she really doesn't like to take a nap on Sunday so unless she falls asleep in the car on the way home from lunch...she doesn't usually take a nap. That is until we are on our way back to church for evening services! Imagine that!

So as I was saying, Uncle Wayne came over on Sunday and he and Hannah usually have the best time together. He plays with her, catches her, tickles her and hides from her and scares her! She loves it. I would imagine that the whole neighborhood hears her giggles and squeals! And truth be known...I think Wayne has just as much fun as Hannah! This Sunday they got a kick (no pun intended) out of trying each others boots on. It didn't work out as well for Wayne!

That shirt she has on is one that was Joey's when he was little. Mimi put it on Hannah one night when she needed something to wear at their house and I had forgotten extra clothes. Hannah fell in love with the shirt and insists on wearing it when she sees it's clean. That shirt was bought back in the day and I think it's safe to say that they have gotten their money's worth out of it.

Here she is standing on her head while playing peek a boo with us. I actually had to crawl up under the blanket to get this picture which is why it is so blurry but, I still like the picture. I totally surprised her under there!

Tonight for dinner we actually ate at home! Wanna know what we ate? Fried shrimp, onion rings and french fries! Hee hee hee! Some of you will understand the significance of that and some of you wont but, that's o.k.! It was yum-mee! Hannah ate about 10 pieces of "rimp". She also really enjoyed the "unjun wings". And Maw Maw made enough that we will have some left over tomorrow. Shrimp sandwiches...mmm!

Cowgirl Boots & Capris

Tonight Joey and I went to the post office and to run some other errands. I had dressed Hannah in an outfit that had capri pants. When I told her to get her shoes on, she insisted that those shoes be her cowgirl boots. Now I have seen it all in the world of fashion. I guess I should be thankful that at least her outfit had red in it because she was NOT wearing any other shoes. I didn't get any pictures of her (disappointed sigh, I forgot my phone at home) so you'll have to take my word on how funny it looked.

Just to let you know how smart my girl is...a couple of nights ago we were out and about and Joey decided to go around the back way to where we were going so that he wouldn't pass by Toys 'R Us and then Hannah wouldn't beg to go there. Well, a new restaurant just opened here called Freebirds and we decided to try it out one night about a week ago. So we have been to Freebirds once but, when we were driving down the road we passed by it and Hannah says, "dere Fweebirds is, and dat way is to my pabwit Toyz A Us!" Are you kidding me? How does she remember these things? Don't you know that I am afraid for when she gets older...and smarter? We can't get anything by her now (she is only two you know)...imagine when she is five!

Sunday, March 05, 2006
Hannah...On Kites, The Container Store And My New Comforter

A couple of weeks ago we got Hannah her first kite but, she hasn't been able to fly it due to the fact that she has been sick and I didn't want her going outside for a while. Well, she has been driving us crazy about this kite and wanted to go outside and "fwy dat ding!" So today we were finally able to get her out and it was a perfect day for flying a kite. Windy...duh! My new do didn't hold up but, surprisingly the $1 kite did! actually flew! Hannah did pretty well for the first time ever seeing, let alone flying a kite. I was finally able to figure out how to get it in the air and then I let her hold the string! She even ran down the sidewalk with it. And...we only got it stuck in a tree twice. Thankfully it worked itself loose within a few minutes!

This evening we went to the Container Store (that place is way too expensive, by the way). I had told Hannah that I wouldn't make her get in the buggy if she was good and didn't run away from us. I was pushing the buggy ahead of Hannah and Joey when I heard Joey say, "that would make a great bunk bed!" Hannah giggling in the background struck my curiosity so I turned around to see what they were doing and this is what I saw.

Last night I got a new comforter at Target (we had our old one for 6 1/2 years, it was time and I finally saw one that I liked). So I'm not known for being one to make my bed every morning but, something about having a new comforter made me want the bed made today! The only bed that was made in the house and that was the bed Hannah wanted to jump on. I got this round pillow that she seems to enjoy pretending is a pony. "Ditty up, ditty up, horsey!" Then she decided that she would watch "Towboy" aka Toy Story. Looks like she made herself right at home.

Carol Anne, can I just say that I love it when you comment on Hannah's blog! It makes my day! And yes, I do sleep, I'm headed to bed now and it's only 12:45 AM!

Saturday, March 04, 2006
Hannah The Silly!

O.k. so this may look a bit odd to some. But, when Hannah came into my bathroom as I was getting ready this morning and was wearing nothing but a pair of panty hose and a string of pearls, I couldn't help myself! I knew she had the pearls. When she woke up this morning and saw them she decided that she had to have them to wear. I didn't mind because they are cheapies that I never wear anyway so someone should get some use out of them. She had come into the bathroom once and brought a pair of panty hose to me but, left to go play...I thought. Which she was...with another pair of panty hose! So she comes back like this and I couldn't resist. I was hoping that I would get one picture that I could post on the blog and I think she is pretty well covered in this one! That girl...what a mess! What on earth did I ever do for entertainment before she came along??

Friday, March 03, 2006

This afternoon after Hannah got up from her nap Leigh Anne was sitting in Joey's recliner. So Hannah decided she would go sit with Leigh Anne because she loves to sit with us in that chair. Luckily I had decent batteries in the camera and was able to catch a few pictures of the two of them sitting there chatting! I love how Hannah is so comfortable with her leg propped up on Leigh Anne. They looked really cute sitting there together like that even though Hannah didn't sit long...she doesn't sit anywhere for long! Guess that comes with the territory.

Occasionally Hannah will bring a toy and a piece of tissue paper to me and ask me to wrap her toy like a "pwesent". We have had to put a door knob spinner on the pantry door because more than once Hannah has gotten in there and poured rice all over the floor (which by the way hurts if you step on it bare footed). But...if you don't shut the door all the way, the door knob spinner does you no good. This evening Hannah got quiet yet again...and this is what she was doing. That is my little hand mirror that she has wrapped in foil all by her amazing little self. "Here, dis por you, mommy. Don't open it 'til Prismas, it's a suhpwize, otay," she tells me. She's so funny! Hopefully she wont really mind if I open it before Christmas because I'm gonna need that tomorrow when I fix my hair!

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Music To My Ears

Hannah at adult choir practice...first she decides she is going to sit with Mimi, then she decides she will go to the stage or platform whatever you want to call it and play with one of the microphones, then she sits on the floor in front of the front row to play with Billy who was sitting on the floor by his mommy, then she's back up with Mimi, then on the back row with a book singing, back in front with Billy, then she runs in a circle on the floor until she decides she needs to go the entire choir knows that she needs to go because she is holding it...literally! Lynn S. (the pastor's wife for those who don't know!) leans down to me, because I can't really see what Hannah is doing for the piano, and she says, "uh-oh, I think she might need to go to the potty!" So off we go to the restroom, then she is back up front playing with Billy again when suddenly she realizes that somethin' just ain't right. So she comes running over to me all the while holding and pickin' at her back side! Nice! Back to the restroom to fix whatever is ailing her back side. The child has no kooth (no, I'm not sure if that is the right way to spell that but, you know what I mean)! You just don't walk around the church (or anywhere for that matter) doing that! I have no idea what we practiced in choir! All I know is that Hannah had a darn good time and I probably owe the choir director an apology...but, the doctor said, "don't take her in that church nursery!!"

After choir practice they had a song playing on the cd player and at this Hannah decided that was her cue to get up there with a mic and sing! I wish my phone would record more than 15 seconds of video but, I haven't figured out if that is possible to do. Here she is performing with Woody the towboy singing back-up! That is until she drops him on his head!

For some reason, blogger isn't letting me link to the site that has the video. So here is the ugly address all spelled out for you! Nice, huh!?!?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We took Hannah to the rodeo tonight...well, last night since technically it is already today, whatever! It was the 28th when we took her. Some friends of ours invited us to go with them to see George Strait and Hannah had a great time. It was hard though, for her to sit in the seat the whole time. We spent a lot of time walking up the stairs and going out to the snack bar area. I think she actually got more of a kick out of the peanuts, popcorn and the little light up princess wand she got than the concert. She did enjoy watching the animals during the calf scramble and the fireworks at various parts of the show! It was funny because when I told Hannah that we were going to take her to the rodeo she kept asking, "when we dowin' to da radio?"

She has been on a Toy Story kick lately and was really hoping to find a "towboy" in Target last night. When we realized they were out of Woody dolls, I had to tell her that we would look for one at the mall. We found one and she was so was out of the box before we left the mall. So last night when we went to the rodeo, we had to take Woody...of course, he is a "towboy" after all and what better place for a cowboy than the rodeo. She was so cute in her cowgirl boots and denim, draggin' that Woody doll along beside her. People would see her walk by and just oh and aww! I love it when they do that! Now I have said all along that I'm not a huge fan of the western look but, she is awfully cute in her boots. And it's hilarious to watch her try to run in them. As I have mentioned before, it's hard for me to find clothes that fit her right in the waist so she is constantly pulling her drawers up! Tonight she would run a little...which is funny in and of itself in her boots but, then she would stop and pull her skirt up with all her might, take off running again only to stop a few steps ahead to pull 'em up again! Needless to say, she was out by the time we got home. I love it when she does that! Well, when she does it and actually stays asleep when we get home, which she did!

Also today, we took Hannah back to the asthma and allergy specialist for her follow up visit. She is doing much better. Still a few more weeks to do breathing treatments but, he didn't hear near the noises in her lungs that he heard last week. And...we can begin to taper the breathing treatments down and only do two treatments a day instead of three. Yeah! The doctor asked Hannah if her nose was good, "um-huh," then he asked about her throat and ears, "um-huh," both times..."can you cough for me," he asked. "," she said. Well, she is an honest child!

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