Saturday, March 18, 2006

Amazingly she stayed asleep all night and half of yesterday morning. She went to sleep around 9:15 or 9:30 PM and didn't wake until 5:00 AM and then it was only for a few minutes to get something to eat...she didn't eat her dinner. Then she slept again until about 11:00 AM. I'm sure she is about to hit a growth spurt. All that eating and sleeping.

Here she is while we were waiting for Joey to finish copying the bulletins for Sunday. We sat in the car while he went into office depot to make the copies. I let Hannah get out of her carseat and play. She drove and messed with every knob and button she could find. I had her scoot the seat way forward so that when Joey got back in he would have trouble getting in. It worked. The driver's seat on a Honda Pilot will get as close as about 6 inches from the steering wheel. Why anyone would want that is beyond me. It will also raise up higher and tilt! Sorry about your shin, honey!

Last night Joey and I joined a fitness club! Aaagh! I have to have a test run on my heart in May and I am determined that the results will be better than last time! It's called an MVO2 and it is the test that they use to determine if you are eligible for a heart transplant. You have to get on a tread mill and I'm convinced that they want you to walk until your legs fall of or you pass out and die one! I'm not talking strollin' here either! I'm talkin' uphill practically running! I don't know how anyone "passes" that test. Anyway, your maximum volume oxygen or something like that has to be at 14 or below for you to be eligible for a transplant and I am shooting for at least 15. The first time I had that test run, my number was 11.3...yuk! The second time it was 13.something. This time it will be higher!

Look, it's a mini Minnie Pearl!


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