Monday, March 13, 2006
Are Y'all Dot Me A Pink Nini?

Well, we did. Tonight Joey and I went to get my oil changed, stopped by CVS for medicine and then stopped at Target for bread...and pink ninies! When we got home we asked Maw Maw if Hannah was good enough to get a prize and she said, "yes"...of course she wouldn't tell us if she hadn't been. Looks good with her pink gown, don't you think?

I think it is safe to say that the full moon was in full effect today! Maw Maw had a flat tire on the way to work this morning and Joey had to go change it for her. The lady that was supposed to stay with Leigh Anne didn't show trouble, so we all went to lunch with Mimi. She is on spring break and we were going to spend some time with her today. After lunch we went to Fry's electronics and looked around. Then back home to take Mimi to get her car, then to Discount Tire to drop off Maw Maw's tire. On the way home from there we saw a little girl riding her bike get hit by a car! Joey said her name was Julie so, if you think of her, say a prayer for her and for the lady that hit her. The little girl seemed o.k. when the ambulance took her to the hospital but, she had a huge bump on her head and was fighting to get up. Then she really freaked out when they put the neck brace on her. And the lady that hit her was very upset. She had a green light and I don't think it was her fault but, I know she must feel awful. Leigh Anne, Hannah and I waited in the car while Joey got out to see if they needed help then waited for the police and ambulance to arrive. Leigh Anne was upset and Hannah kept asking questions then she thought we hit the little girl. When we finally got home she told Maw Maw that "we hit dat dirl on her bicycle." I'm still not sure she understands that we didn't hit her. She may bring it up later and we'll talk about it again though. Joey had 3 seconds of fame tonight though because they showed a clip on the news about the accident. The shot they showed was taken from a news chopper and you could see a spec of Joey in the top corner of the screen!

My car has been sucking oil fumes for some time now and I had to get my oil changed and on the way home we stopped at CVS and as we were pulling in we saw an ambulance and about 5 police cars in the parking lot. I almost told Joey to turn around and we'd come back later. I didn't want the police that were there to see us and think we were ambulance chasers!!! Because we saw some of the same police officers. We think one of them saw Joey and recognized him because he did a double take. But, we went anyway...I was ready to get home for good. That was enough for one day...don't you think? I'm glad to be turning in early tonight!


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