Sunday, March 19, 2006

I consider Hannah to have quite the extensive vocabulary for a child her age. But, sometimes the words don't come out the way some would think they should. Personally I think she talks rather well, I understand practically everything she says. So for your enjoyment I have compiled a list of just a few of Hannah's vocabulary words for you (in no particular order). Note: I'm not going to spell check this post...I'd be here all day!

pway-an enjoyable activity done with friends, can also be done with family members or alone.
fray-talking to God.
pway era-an area in the mall or eating establishment designed with children in mind, it generally has climbing structures and padded surfaces.
fwing-sitting on a seat attached to two chains hanging from a tree, ceiling or other high sturdy surface and going back and forth on it.
mcdonalds-a place to eat chicken nuggets and pway on deir pway era.
pwize-the toy that comes in your kid's meal.
fwize-the fried potatoes that come in your kid's meal.
macdonald-that duck that runs around with Mickey Mouse.
tuckie teese-an eating establishment designed for hyperactive children, they serve pizza and put on a show with a mouse by the name of Chuck, they also have a huge pway era.
dunna-another way of saying going to.
doe-to go.
Mom-another name for Maw Maw.
Dawn-another name for Mommy (Shawn).
Doe-ey-another name for Daddy (Joey).
My pear-rents-another name for Mimi and Papa.
fwimmin'-getting in the water and flailing your arms and legs about to propel you through the water.
fwimmin' fwace-the thing with the water in it.
fwimmin' tute-what you wear in the fwimmin' fwace.
ticken-a bird that is good for eating once fried, baked, boiled or grilled.

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

I'm so glad you can understand all that. It took me about 10 minutes to read this one in trying to figure it all out. Of course I claim to be fluent in baby babble and phonics. HAH! Guess I'd better go brush up :-)


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