Friday, March 03, 2006

This afternoon after Hannah got up from her nap Leigh Anne was sitting in Joey's recliner. So Hannah decided she would go sit with Leigh Anne because she loves to sit with us in that chair. Luckily I had decent batteries in the camera and was able to catch a few pictures of the two of them sitting there chatting! I love how Hannah is so comfortable with her leg propped up on Leigh Anne. They looked really cute sitting there together like that even though Hannah didn't sit long...she doesn't sit anywhere for long! Guess that comes with the territory.

Occasionally Hannah will bring a toy and a piece of tissue paper to me and ask me to wrap her toy like a "pwesent". We have had to put a door knob spinner on the pantry door because more than once Hannah has gotten in there and poured rice all over the floor (which by the way hurts if you step on it bare footed). But...if you don't shut the door all the way, the door knob spinner does you no good. This evening Hannah got quiet yet again...and this is what she was doing. That is my little hand mirror that she has wrapped in foil all by her amazing little self. "Here, dis por you, mommy. Don't open it 'til Prismas, it's a suhpwize, otay," she tells me. She's so funny! Hopefully she wont really mind if I open it before Christmas because I'm gonna need that tomorrow when I fix my hair!


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