Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Cowgirl Boots & Capris

Tonight Joey and I went to the post office and to run some other errands. I had dressed Hannah in an outfit that had capri pants. When I told her to get her shoes on, she insisted that those shoes be her cowgirl boots. Now I have seen it all in the world of fashion. I guess I should be thankful that at least her outfit had red in it because she was NOT wearing any other shoes. I didn't get any pictures of her (disappointed sigh, I forgot my phone at home) so you'll have to take my word on how funny it looked.

Just to let you know how smart my girl is...a couple of nights ago we were out and about and Joey decided to go around the back way to where we were going so that he wouldn't pass by Toys 'R Us and then Hannah wouldn't beg to go there. Well, a new restaurant just opened here called Freebirds and we decided to try it out one night about a week ago. So we have been to Freebirds once but, when we were driving down the road we passed by it and Hannah says, "dere Fweebirds is, and dat way is to my pabwit Toyz A Us!" Are you kidding me? How does she remember these things? Don't you know that I am afraid for when she gets older...and smarter? We can't get anything by her now (she is only two you know)...imagine when she is five!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

hehehe.. Anna does the same thing, She remembers the weirdest stuff and can call us on things we tell her but ourselves forget. What even funnier is when we meet new people, we may forget what they look like or their names or such, but not Anna! The next time we may see that particular person in passing may be a couple weeks later and she'll say "There's (such-n-such)" or "I wanna go see..." and we're like "WHO?!" lol... I wish I had a memory like that!


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