Monday, March 27, 2006
"Dat Says Hannah's Name!"

It's been a few days since I posted last. We've been a little busy this weekend. As you can see Hannah has already been quite the busy one in the make-up this morning. She is so fast! She has only been up about an hour and is already getting into things. A few minutes ago she brought me the bag of grapes that I bought over the weekend, she must be hungry. When I went to wash them for her I saw where she had gotten them from. The refrigerator door was wide open. Wonder what else is missing from there! I guess it's going to be one of those days, I'd better put my running shoes on!!

Over the weekend I discovered that Hannah has a new thing she has learned. The other day she was brushing her teeth and she pointed to the hot water knob and said, "dat says Hannah's name, it's a H!" She was so excited. It's weird because all of the sudden she is pointing out the letter "H". It was on the wall at a restaurant, on a street's everywhere! She gets so excited when she finds an "H". She'll say, "look, dat says Hannah's name! It's a "H". "H" says,'huhhh'!" She even said yesterday morning that there was an "H" on my beep beep thing! That's the steering wheel, in case you were wondering! I hope she doesn't lay claim to my car now!! Hopefully I still have a few years for that!


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