Thursday, March 30, 2006
Downtown Aquarium

Today after Papa's procedure Joey and I decided we would spend some family time with Hannah and went to the Downtown Aquarium. That place is really neat. They had alligators, fish of all kinds, a bird and even a tiger! Hannah had a blast. Although I think she was kind of scared during the exhibit part of the day. They had jungle noises playing on the speakers and she kept saying, "what dat?" I guess what made it worse is that she woke up at 7:00 this morning saying, "dit dat tiger out of here!" She must have been dreaming about a tiger because she kept saying that it was beside Maw Maw's bed. Poor thing, she cried and I felt terrible for her. I don't like for her to be scared like that, it makes me feel terrible.

Here is Hannah with her daddy by the parrot. I think it made her a little nervous. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to look in the direction of the camera. I guess she felt like at least if she watched it she could get away from it if she saw it coming at her! I had a hard time deciding which pictures to put on the blog so you're getting a bunch today! Should make up for all the days that I didn't post any. You can get your fix today! I also have some video but, I probably wont get into those tonight!

Posing in the diving tank was fun. They had steps behind this diver statue thing and she was able to stand up behind him so that we could almost see her. She still wasn't quite tall enough though so Joey held her up. They had sting rays that you could actually touch in this area. Joey was brave enough but, Hannah and I passed on that one, thank you! Then they had a bottle of hand sanitizer for you to use on your hands but, you have to reach to practically the bottom of the tank. Hand sanitizer doesn't work so well up to the elbow!

Joey took mine and Hannah's picture standing by this tiger statue. I wish the pictures of the actual tiger had come out but I had my finger over the lens when I took those pictures! Lovely! I'm quite the photographer...don't hire me for anyone's wedding! I was surprised though that Hannah stood as close as she did to the tiger. He (I guess he was a he) was just behind a piece of glass and so you were able to stand right next to him! Creepy! He had a pool in his cage and Hannah was impressed that he was taking a bath! She did jump when he ran past her real fast chasing his ball. But, she kinda laughed at him too so I guess she wasn't too traumatized. All this after her dream about the tiger this morning!

Outside they had a merry go round, ferris wheel, train and a dancing water fountain among other things. The water fountain was set up so that kids could actually get in it and water would squirt up randomly out of holes in the ground. If they were standing right over a hole when it squirted, they got wet! I was glad I had brought an extra set of clothes that included a onsie so that I could change Hannah before she got in there. Because once she saw it and that kids were playing in there, she was so there! The fountain got her once right in the face. She took it rather well! I guess she was having too much fun to let it bother her!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

WOW!! Yall had a blast!! I had fun just looking at the pictures. Next time I wanna go, ok? ;-)


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