Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As are the pictures of Hannah at the pool today. I went to take some pictures of her while she was in the pool and the lifeguard told me that they didn't allow cameras! What is that about? I can't take pictures of my own daughter swimming? Well, I took some pictures while the lifeguards were on their break. So I had to settle for pictures of her sitting by the pool rather than in the pool! If that isn't the dumbest thing! I guess they are afraid that I'm going to copy their idea of how to set up a pool inside a building and I might start a little competition for them! I don't know. I really don't mean to be so sarcastic, it just kind of irritated me that they wouldn't let me take her picture while she was swimming. Oh well, I'll try again when there are different lifeguards. O.k. I'm done with that gripe! I think!

I didn't tell her where we were going this morning until we were getting into the car. I just kept telling her that we were going to a special place and that she would have so much fun. When I was trying to get her to sit down in her carseat (which sometimes takes a minute or two) I told her that we were going to the fwimmin' fwace! She raised her eyebrows and looked at me surprised an asked, "an we donna fwim at dat fwimmin' fwace?" She sang the entire way there. She didn't realize that we had pulled up to the place when I said, "are we there yet?" She looked up and squealed, "yep, we here now, we at dat fwimmin' fwace and we donna fwim, fwim, fwim! I toe tited a doe dere!"

When it was time to go and I finally coaxed her out of the pool (by telling her they were closing) we went into the locker room to change into dry clothes and they have some fancy scale there and she hopped up on it. She weighed 26.4 pounds. Now I have a way to weigh her more accurately than our home scales and I don't have to wait until she has a doctor's appointment.

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Sounds like yall had a blast! But no pictures?? I don't get that one. I would of responded something like "Oh yeah?" then took a picture right in front of them. lol, but that's me. I mean what are they going to do, call the cops on you? you'd be gone before they got there! ;-) sigh. now you got me an uproar. Hope the day went better after that.


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

awwww yay! As soon as it warms up, ya'll will have to come to our house to fwim!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I love her fwimsuit.


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