Saturday, March 04, 2006
Hannah The Silly!

O.k. so this may look a bit odd to some. But, when Hannah came into my bathroom as I was getting ready this morning and was wearing nothing but a pair of panty hose and a string of pearls, I couldn't help myself! I knew she had the pearls. When she woke up this morning and saw them she decided that she had to have them to wear. I didn't mind because they are cheapies that I never wear anyway so someone should get some use out of them. She had come into the bathroom once and brought a pair of panty hose to me but, left to go play...I thought. Which she was...with another pair of panty hose! So she comes back like this and I couldn't resist. I was hoping that I would get one picture that I could post on the blog and I think she is pretty well covered in this one! That girl...what a mess! What on earth did I ever do for entertainment before she came along??

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Hey girl! What are you doing up at 2:06 in the morning? Do you ever get to sleep? You make me feel old! This is one of the cutest pics yet! Love you!
Carol Anne


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

She is adorable. I enjoy reading about Hannah. She always makes me smile.


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