Sunday, March 05, 2006
Hannah...On Kites, The Container Store And My New Comforter

A couple of weeks ago we got Hannah her first kite but, she hasn't been able to fly it due to the fact that she has been sick and I didn't want her going outside for a while. Well, she has been driving us crazy about this kite and wanted to go outside and "fwy dat ding!" So today we were finally able to get her out and it was a perfect day for flying a kite. Windy...duh! My new do didn't hold up but, surprisingly the $1 kite did! actually flew! Hannah did pretty well for the first time ever seeing, let alone flying a kite. I was finally able to figure out how to get it in the air and then I let her hold the string! She even ran down the sidewalk with it. And...we only got it stuck in a tree twice. Thankfully it worked itself loose within a few minutes!

This evening we went to the Container Store (that place is way too expensive, by the way). I had told Hannah that I wouldn't make her get in the buggy if she was good and didn't run away from us. I was pushing the buggy ahead of Hannah and Joey when I heard Joey say, "that would make a great bunk bed!" Hannah giggling in the background struck my curiosity so I turned around to see what they were doing and this is what I saw.

Last night I got a new comforter at Target (we had our old one for 6 1/2 years, it was time and I finally saw one that I liked). So I'm not known for being one to make my bed every morning but, something about having a new comforter made me want the bed made today! The only bed that was made in the house and that was the bed Hannah wanted to jump on. I got this round pillow that she seems to enjoy pretending is a pony. "Ditty up, ditty up, horsey!" Then she decided that she would watch "Towboy" aka Toy Story. Looks like she made herself right at home.

Carol Anne, can I just say that I love it when you comment on Hannah's blog! It makes my day! And yes, I do sleep, I'm headed to bed now and it's only 12:45 AM!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

That sure is a good looking truck you got sitting out in front of yo house.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

New do???? Can't wait to see it. I'll be home this coming weekend! Oh, nice choice on the comforter. Looks great.
Carol Anne


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