Monday, March 27, 2006
Hannah's Thoughts On Losers

Tonight we went to the mall and while Joey took a class for his computer at the apple store, my mom, Hannah, Leigh Anne and I ate, rode the merry go round and took Hannah to the play area. When Joey finished his class he met us in the play area. I asked Joey if he would watch her in there while we went over to Stride Rite for some new shoes for Hannah. When we were paying for Hannah's shoes my mom says to me, "that sounds like Hannah singing Happy Birthday to you!" I listened for a minute and it was! Now Stride Rite isn't that far from the play area but, I shouldn't have been able to hear Hannah from where we were but, I could! Joey said there was another little girl in there that applauded Hannah and said, "my favorite song is Twinkle Little Star!" What a little ham Hannah is!

Click here to see Hannah on the Merry Go Round! Warning the video quality isn't wonderful!

Now I have always considered Hannah to be a very bright child...who doesn't think their child is smart...but, I know Hannah really is smart. There are disadvantages to having a child that picks up vocabulary quickly. Tonight as we drove home we hear Hannah from her carseat saying, "lewzurs suck!" What? What did she just say? Then she said it again..."lewzurs suck!" "Hannah, don't ever say that! Where did you learn that," we asked. "Fwom Wittle Wascals." I didn't know they said that in that movie and I've watched it 20 or so times!

When I go into public restrooms, I try my hardest not to touch anything! And it freaks me out when Hannah touches anything too but, never the less, she always touches practically everything. I know, it's disgusting! I always hear people snickering in the stalls next to me when I say, "Hannah don't touch ANYTHING!" Well, I guess she has seen me flush the toilet with my foot before and a couple of times she has stuck her foot up to flush. Amazingly, her legs are long enough that she manages to flush like that. Kind of defeats the purpose though when she holds on to the bar to keep her balance, you know the one that everyone else probably touches while they're in there. Not to worry though soap and water always follows!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

I didn't know they said that in little rascals.... She's got a good ear!! Can't view the vid, says it's not found. but the picture is hilarious! mom like daughter, eh? ;-)


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

She has a point, lewzers do suck. LOL! QueenBee


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