Sunday, March 12, 2006
I Don't Know Why But...

...I hope she doesn't grow up and marry a cowboy! This weekend our church held a Real Men's Conference. They had activities for the men of the church and their friends on Saturday and then they had special speakers for this morning's service that was for the whole family. Well, Hannah has been real into Toy Story the last month or so. So much so that if you remember we got her a "towboy" aka Woody doll. He came complete with a guitar that straps to his back. One of the speakers this morning was a real live cowboy...he came dressed in his hat, boots, chaps and spurs! He talked about his life as a cowboy and his relationship with God. At the beginning of his testimony he got up there with a guitar and sang a song. It was hilarious to watch Hannah watch this cowboy. She was sitting on Carol Anne's lap and didn't have a good view of the cowboy so she tells Carol Anne, "I tan't see de towboy," and moves to the other side where she can have a better look.

She fell asleep during the other speakers ... nothing against them ... they just weren't wearing chaps and spurs! Go figure! During the break, Hannah told Maw Maw that she wanted to see "dat towboy adain!" And she was asking where he was during the 2nd half of the services. Afterwards we had a barbecue dinner at church and as we were leaving she had to tell the cowboy bye! Then I was putting her in her carseat and she didn't want to sit down so I told her the cowboy was watching and she sat down real fast. I said, "you want the cowboy to see you being a good girl and being sweet, don't you?" "Uh-huh," she said. Then she had to wave at him in his truck as we pulled out of the parking lot!

There should be a song, "Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Marry Cowboys!" I would sing it to her everyday!!! Wait a minute, it doesn't matter if he's a cowboy...I don't want her to get married to anyone!!!


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