Thursday, March 16, 2006
I Not Hunry Anymore!

This morning Hannah woke up and said, "I not hunry anymore!" After I posted yesterdays post, she also had some Cheetos! I don't know what the deal was! She still ate well today, though not quite as much as yesterday! Maybe if she keeps that up she will not continue to have the problem she had today. Hannah has more than one pair of pants that I have tacked up in the waist so they would stay on her little hiney. But today that presented somewhat of a problem. It seems that though they stay up when she is running...they also stay up when she is trying to get to the potty in time! Augh! What to do...

We didn't do much today...just stayed around the house. I pulled some weeds out of Hannah's sandbox and she played in there some. This was a treat for her because I'm not really an outside person and we don't go outside much to play but, the weather here was very and breezy, not very humid.


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