Thursday, March 23, 2006
I Should Be Doing Something Else!

But, I'm not! I should be working on things for the ladies banquet that is coming up in April but, Hannah wanted pony tails in her hair and so I've been doing that and taking her picture. I'm just thrilled that she has enough hair to stay in pony tails now! Actually I always wanted a bald baby and that is definitely what I got. I loved her little onion skinned head every minute that she had it but, there is something exciting about being able to put pony tails in her hair. And you have to admit that she is really cute with them but, at the same time it makes me a little sad because it just means that she is growing all the more!

I also think it is amazing that I was actually able to get them somewhat symmetrical. She was wiggling the entire time. I kept saying, "Hannah, would you please be still!" I had thought if I gave her something to stand on in front of the mirror she would watch and cooperate a little but, she seemed more interested in the sink and faucet than looking in the mirror. Now when I want her to wash her hands is when she wants to look in the mirror! Crazy how that works! And as you can see, getting her to look at the camera these days is an issue all in itself!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Children have a way of doing exactly what they want when they want, and it is seldom what Mommy wants. Hannah is adorable in her ponytails. I should be doing something also since Billy is asleep, but I'm not.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

hehehe.. I totally agree. Anna does whatever she wants all the time. Well sort of. Se does mind very well I have to admit that.And Nicole does her hair all the time so I don't have to put up with her 'not being still' hahah... what a trade off! ..

Hannah, you look really sweet and pretty with those pony tails. Never stop wiggling and playing around while mommy does your hair.. ;-)


Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

HOW CUTE!!! :-)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Hannah, you are so pretty. Get ready mom and're gonna have a knock out on your hands. :) cas


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