Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Miss Piggy

You wouldn't believe what Hannah ate today! Yes, I'm going to tell you everything she ate today! She ate 6 chicken nuggets, a fruit cup, sour cream and onion ruffles, half a side order of mac 'n cheese, half of Joey's broccoli, a few bites of steak, about half a chicken strip, peanuts, part of a roll, a few bites of tomatoes, part of a huge sucker and she just came in here and asked me if I heard that noise. "What is it," I ask. "We makin' tome poptorn!" She must be about to hit a growth spurt! Normally I have trouble forcing her to eat a few bites at each meal...not today, she just kept eating! We went to the Galleria today and Hannah loved watching the ice skaters. There was also a water fountain in one part of the Galleria and the water fell from the ceiling to the pool below. We acted like we were going to throw her in there and she loved every minute of it. "I don't wanna take a shower," she would squeal! That's funny she never says that when I'm in the shower...she always wants in there with me! Hummm!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

We have 2 miss Piggies in the family then. lol!! Anna has been eating like that lately, too. It's really funny at how our two girls are alike, she doesn't eat much either and we have to make it an act of congress to get her to finish her plate.

Thet's a cute outfit ou have Hannah in. Where did you get it?


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