Thursday, March 02, 2006
Music To My Ears

Hannah at adult choir practice...first she decides she is going to sit with Mimi, then she decides she will go to the stage or platform whatever you want to call it and play with one of the microphones, then she sits on the floor in front of the front row to play with Billy who was sitting on the floor by his mommy, then she's back up with Mimi, then on the back row with a book singing, back in front with Billy, then she runs in a circle on the floor until she decides she needs to go the entire choir knows that she needs to go because she is holding it...literally! Lynn S. (the pastor's wife for those who don't know!) leans down to me, because I can't really see what Hannah is doing for the piano, and she says, "uh-oh, I think she might need to go to the potty!" So off we go to the restroom, then she is back up front playing with Billy again when suddenly she realizes that somethin' just ain't right. So she comes running over to me all the while holding and pickin' at her back side! Nice! Back to the restroom to fix whatever is ailing her back side. The child has no kooth (no, I'm not sure if that is the right way to spell that but, you know what I mean)! You just don't walk around the church (or anywhere for that matter) doing that! I have no idea what we practiced in choir! All I know is that Hannah had a darn good time and I probably owe the choir director an apology...but, the doctor said, "don't take her in that church nursery!!"

After choir practice they had a song playing on the cd player and at this Hannah decided that was her cue to get up there with a mic and sing! I wish my phone would record more than 15 seconds of video but, I haven't figured out if that is possible to do. Here she is performing with Woody the towboy singing back-up! That is until she drops him on his head!

For some reason, blogger isn't letting me link to the site that has the video. So here is the ugly address all spelled out for you! Nice, huh!?!?

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

the video was ao cute! Anna was even curious as to who she was. So, Anna, meet Hannah. Hannah meet Anna. Wow, that's weird. Their names are SO close! I just realized that. lol Have a good day.

PS: tomorrow's Mom's 58th birthday. ((double wink))


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