Saturday, March 11, 2006
Not So Much Fun At Super Target!

Tonight we went to dinner with the church staff families and some guest speakers that are here for a men's conference at our church. Hannah did pretty well during dinner even though we had to sit for quite some time. Other than putting her feet on the table a few times (we're working on that) she was pretty well behaved. Here she is at Buca de Beppo's with "her Miss Lynn's mama," as she referred to her on the way home. Today was her birthday so the waitress brought out a lit candelabra and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

After dinner we went by Best Buy and Super Target (yee-haw, Super Target). However, we didn't stay long in Target. Hannah threw the biggest fit she has thrown in her entire life! I mean the biggest! I was surprised at the fit she threw! We were in the children's section just looking around at the clothes and as we were headed out of that section we passed by the pacifiers (we should be working on that too) and Hannah saw her pink! Of course she wanted some because she doesn't have pink ones. So I thought, whatever I don't care if she has a pink nini...they will match her pink clothes! I grabbed a two pack and put them in the basket. Well, halfway down that aisle she sees the bottles and starts crying because she wants a bottle too. Sorry, I draw the line at the pacifier...we're not getting a bottle. At which she screams! Yeah, she screamed! "Stop that! We do not scream like that," through my teeth. Screams again..."I want dat bottle!" I am talking the people on the other side of the store heard that she wanted a bottle scream! Oh, I don't think so! So I put the pacifiers back and we headed to find daddy because we were leaving! And the whole store heard the whole thing. Everyone except Joey that is! I had to call him from the car because I was tired of people looking at me in that "shut your kid up" tone of look! The rest of the way through the store she was screaming because I had put the pacifiers back. "I want pink ninies, I want dose pink ninies!"

Now I consider myself to be somewhat firm with Hannah. I understand that she is only two but, I feel that if I let her get away with things when she is two, she will not understand when she is five and suddenly I don't let her get away with the same things. That wouldn't really be fair to her anyway. But, tonight this "being firm" took on a whole new meaning for me. So much so that it makes me want to cry. When I told her that little girls that act like that and aren't nice don't get nice prizes and new things, she changed her tune real fast and said, "oh, I nice now, I want dat pink nini." And she cried like her heart was broken and I honestly think she was sorry for screaming in the store. It was sad and I wanted more than anything to run back in the store and get the pink nini for her. I don't mind if she is spoiled, I just don't want her to be a brat. And I'll probably get her a pink nini tomorrow. But, I couldn't tonight and it nearly killed me!

Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

LOL! sometimes it really stinks to have to discipline, doesn't it? Good job on standing firm! Just wait until she throws herself down on the floor kicking and screaming. I know that day will come sooner than we think - I'm not laughing, either, because I'll be one aisle over from you in super target dealing with the same!


Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

Been there done both of thats! Our last foster child (ANT) started yelling and screeming almost worse then Hannah. His tantrums would go as far as yanking his hand away from yours, stoping is feet angrily and them plopping himself in the middle of a main walkway. and he ALWAYS knew where those walk-ways were. From then on he would just screem and cry and scream more as loudly as he could. These tantrums aren't from getting anything in particular they're from not wanting to shop anymore and most of the time it's been only about after the first 20 minutes of being at the mall or at any store.


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