Thursday, March 09, 2006
Show Me The Monkey!

Ever since I heard that Curious George was coming out at the movies, I have been about to pop wanting to take Hannah to see it. This afternoon Joey and I finally took her. Very cute movie by the way! Hannah watched the entire thing. We went later in the day so we weren't the only ones in the theatre like when we went to see Chicken Little. There weren't that many people there but, there were about 4 children sitting pretty close to us and at one point in the movie I looked around at all of them and all 4 were standing up resting their chins on their hands propped up on the seats in front of them. Maybe it's one of those things where you just had to be there but, it looked hilarious. I was surprised that Hannah watched the whole movie the way she did. Last time we went she did pretty good but, was somewhat distracted during parts of the movie. This time she watched all of it. She even laughed during parts of it. I tried taking some pictures with my phone ('cause I forgot the camera) but, it was too dark in the theatre for me to get anything good.


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