Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Tuesday...I Can't Think Of A Catchy Title Day!

Today we went to our Tuesday lunch with our friends. We arrived last and left first! Not intentionally, just kinda the way it worked out. There were so many people there today...6 moms and 10 kiddos! That is just crazy! It was very noisy there today!

Then tonight I had a meeting with the ladies at church to go over plans for our annual ladies banquet. I left Hannah home with Maw Maw and Daddy! And...I really missed her. After the meeting I went to work out and didn't get home until 11:50 PM. Hannah was already asleep and it kinda made me sad because I was wanting to tell her goodnight and see her for just a minute before she went to sleep. Strange how that is. I spent all day with Hannah and I still missed her for the few hours that I was gone. I know that I am fortunate to stay home with her. I don't think...let me rephrase that...I know I wouldn't last one day in the work world now that I have her. I would be worthless to any employer because all I would be able to do is wonder what she was doing and if she was doing something new that I was missing! I know that some mother's don't really have a choice about working but, I honestly don't know how they do it. I could have waken her up when I got home tonight but, somehow I don't think Maw Maw would have appreciated that very much because she probably had just gotten her down.

Tomorrow Hannah and I are going swimming at the fitness center. I have worked out for 5 days in a row and now I'm going to take a day or two off. But, I am going to take her swimming. I'm so excited, I can't wait. Now I need to go wash my fwimmin' tute (see Bocabuwawy Post) so that it will be dry by morning. I'll try to get a few pictures tomorrow when we go.


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