Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We took Hannah to the rodeo tonight...well, last night since technically it is already today, whatever! It was the 28th when we took her. Some friends of ours invited us to go with them to see George Strait and Hannah had a great time. It was hard though, for her to sit in the seat the whole time. We spent a lot of time walking up the stairs and going out to the snack bar area. I think she actually got more of a kick out of the peanuts, popcorn and the little light up princess wand she got than the concert. She did enjoy watching the animals during the calf scramble and the fireworks at various parts of the show! It was funny because when I told Hannah that we were going to take her to the rodeo she kept asking, "when we dowin' to da radio?"

She has been on a Toy Story kick lately and was really hoping to find a "towboy" in Target last night. When we realized they were out of Woody dolls, I had to tell her that we would look for one at the mall. We found one and she was so was out of the box before we left the mall. So last night when we went to the rodeo, we had to take Woody...of course, he is a "towboy" after all and what better place for a cowboy than the rodeo. She was so cute in her cowgirl boots and denim, draggin' that Woody doll along beside her. People would see her walk by and just oh and aww! I love it when they do that! Now I have said all along that I'm not a huge fan of the western look but, she is awfully cute in her boots. And it's hilarious to watch her try to run in them. As I have mentioned before, it's hard for me to find clothes that fit her right in the waist so she is constantly pulling her drawers up! Tonight she would run a little...which is funny in and of itself in her boots but, then she would stop and pull her skirt up with all her might, take off running again only to stop a few steps ahead to pull 'em up again! Needless to say, she was out by the time we got home. I love it when she does that! Well, when she does it and actually stays asleep when we get home, which she did!

Also today, we took Hannah back to the asthma and allergy specialist for her follow up visit. She is doing much better. Still a few more weeks to do breathing treatments but, he didn't hear near the noises in her lungs that he heard last week. And...we can begin to taper the breathing treatments down and only do two treatments a day instead of three. Yeah! The doctor asked Hannah if her nose was good, "um-huh," then he asked about her throat and ears, "um-huh," both times..."can you cough for me," he asked. "," she said. Well, she is an honest child!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

there's no denying it, she looks darn cute dressed up in western clothes. Maw Maw would be so proud of the boots. Mom always said she loved the color red.

We took Anna to see Madagascar when it first came out in theaters. And we too had a hard time keeping her focused on the screen. She was more interested in the lights on the aisle or the folding seats. It was the first time she's actually been to the movies. She's gotten better since then. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Oh my gosh, the rodeo with you brings back memories. I won't go into the details, but I might have to send you some McDonald's gift certificates. :) Did your pick win? Love you all! Carol Anne


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