Thursday, April 13, 2006
Busy Hannah

I know I haven't posted as many pictures lately as I was there for a while but, I really have had a lot to do lately. I knew I had taken a few pictures of Hannah in the last few days but, I couldn't remember what she was doing until I downloaded them off of the camera tonight. It seems that while I have been busy with my projects, Hannah has had a few of her own that she was working on. And...suddenly I remember why it seemed like it took an act of congress for me to get anything done! Here is the lipstick project. I remember now that when I walked into the bathroom to check out the silence...I scared Hannah and she actually screamed!! I'm telling you the child is sneaky! I have mentioned before that she and her daddy can be quite the loud ones at times but, she knows when to be quiet. She was very quiet and that is what made me decide to check on her...she was too quiet!

Here she is using her little chair as a stepping stool to reach the squirt bottle. You can't see the ice tray in this picture but, she was trying to fill the thing up with the squirt bottle. Evidently she had been there awhile because it was half full! I promise...I do watch her! That is how she managed to get craft wiggle eyes up each side of her nose! You will be glad to know that she was sitting right next to me when she did that. I watch her...apparently I watch her do things that she shouldn't be doing! Tell me, what makes kids stick things up their noses anyway. Joey stuck play dough up his, my sister stuck a marble up hers, I used to baby sit a boy that stuck a little ball up his and I knew a guy in high school who stuck a peanut up his. What is up with that? I think I can honestly say that I have never had the desire to cram something into my nose.

On another note...why are there so many ridiculously dumb people in the world? Granted, I am not a rocket scientist nor will I ever be but, PAH-LEAZE! Monday I went to have some things printed off at the print shop around the corner from our house and they looked terrible when I got them back. All the girl could say was, "it makes a nice effect." ~~Lady...if I wanted an "effect" on my print job, wouldn't I have put that on the file or on the original? Then tonight on the way home from working out Joey and I stopped at Kroger to get some Prilosec and Zantac...we have problems o.k.! I picked up the box of Zantac that had a free sample of Rolaids Soft Chews...thinking, hey a free sample! When we got to the check out stand the lady rings them up and they were $3 more than I thought the sticker on the shelf said. So she does a price check...lovely...we wait! When she comes back she has the same box in her hand only it doesn't have the FREE sample on it. She says to me...and I quote..."the one that doesn't have the free sample on it is $3 less." HELLLLL-LLOOOOO! ~~~Lady, if the one with the "FREE" sample costs more than the one without it, IS THE FREE SAMPLE REALLY FREE???? People like these could quite possibly be the reason I have a heart condition!


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