Monday, April 03, 2006
Camping In The Living Room

This weekend Hannah got a tent! It's a great thing! It's set up where else but, the living room! She played in it half the morning least long enough for me to get ready to go to a birthday party. I told her that it would be a great place to sit with a pillow and blanket while she reads her books. "Oh, I want some books in here. Doe dit me some of my books so I tan read 'em," she said! But, I don't think she really read much. Maw Maw got in there with her and I got a picture of her in there but, I was told not to dare put that picture on the blog! It's not a bad picture either! But, I guess wont put the picture of her in the tent on here! Since it is her digital camera that I took the pic with! Hannah also keeps wanting to get in "dere and doe to leep!" Funny thing is that she never goes to sleep once she is in there! I don't think she'll be spending the night in there any time soon. Unless she just happens to fall asleep in there. Then I think I might worry about her sleeping in the living room all by herself and I will have to sleep in there with her. On the floor! On second thought, hopefully she wont fall asleep in there, although that is my kind of camping!

Hannah also went to a birthday party this weekend. She has been to a couple of other children's birthday parties but, the first one she was too young to realize what was going on and at the other one was small and there weren't a whole lot of people there. I think she really had fun at Speedy's birthday party. They had an Elmo piƱata and Hannah got to take a whack at it! Some of the people that were there, we didn't even know and what was funny was that someone there that I had never met before said to me, "is that Hannah? Hannah from the blog?" So now I think I'll teach Hannah that song that JLo sings and change the words to, "I'm just Hannah from the blog!"

Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

How funny! If I ever happen to run into you when we're traveling the state, I will probably recognize "Hannah from the blog" too! : )


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