Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Dese Are Por My Pwants!

Tonight Hannah brought a handful of cherry tomatoes into the room where we were and announced, "dese are por my pwants to eat!" Somehow I think she is confused about the tomato plants!

Today we had our weekly play date with Hannah's friends. We brought sack lunches to the church and ate and played there. I told Hannah as we were leaving that we would get her bounce house and take it with us so that her friends could jump in there with her. I wish I had a recording of her excitement! She ran up to her daddy and said, "mama said I dunna take my bounce house so my fwiends tan jump wit me!"

Afterwards we took Hannah up to Mimi's school to see her and then went to dinner with her. Hannah then wanted Mimi come to her house and see her plants that she still insists have grown! I had thought she might fall asleep in the car at some point...that didn't happen! After Mimi left Hannah crawled up on the couch and layed on top of me! And then, as you can see, she fell fast asleep! On top of me!

On another note, my quest for low cal food has reached a new level. Let me just say from the get go, I DON'T DO VEGETABLES! I'm not sure where Hannah got her fancy for things like broccoli and tomatoes but, it certainly wasn't from me! I only like a few vegetables and the ones I do like are the starchy ones...that supposedly aren't as good for you as the others! Go figure! And when I do eat them, I really prefer they have the nutrients cooked out of them and they should be soaking in a pool of butter! Well, Joey says that your body uses more calories to digest celery than celery has in it so I thought, that sounds good and tonight when I was having an extra hungry night and I decided that I would eat celery! Now pick yourself up off of the floor and listen to this! I tried it with just a dab of peanut butter to see if that would help the poor thing out a little. Did you know that in addition to it taking more calories to digest, celery also takes the taste of peanut butter away! So if you don't like peanut butter but, need to eat some for some reason...try it with celery!

Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

I have a great recipe for low-cal chicken parmesan! And it is SUPER yummy. You should call me and tell you what it is.


Anonymous Rene' had this to say:

Shawn seriously! Let Hannah teach you! Celery isn't that bad. If you want more flavor, dip it in salsa...OR, dig into the middle of it and grab those smaller pieces. My mom swore that they were the best part of the celery and everytime we have it here, I dig to the middle!


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