Sunday, April 16, 2006
Easter Eggs

Tonight we finally got around to dying the Easter Eggs! It's about time, don't you think? Hannah helped in every way...from putting the dye tablets in the cups to wanting to dump the dye into the sink when we were done. Which was great until she knocked over the green cup that had only the green tablet and vinegar in it! Yeah, now the table has a nice spot on it!! Oops! Oh well, she had fun tonight so I guess that is what really counts...right Maw Maw? Sorry 'bout your table! She wore one of her Daddy's old t-shirts and when we were done she didn't want to take it off. She said, "no, I wanna leep in dis Daddy's shirt!" But, she had to have a bath so eventually we got the shirt off. And remarkably the dye came off of her little fingers and face (it splashed). Now she wont have dyed fingers to go with her pretty yellow dress.

Tonight after her bath, Hannah put some carrots and a juice box out on the table for the Easter bunny, then went to bed...the first time. After she got still, I got up to finish some things that I needed to do for tomorrow and on the way past the kitchen table, I ate a few of the carrots and made it look like the Easter bunny had done it. Then she got up. Fortunately I had not filled her basket and she didn't notice the carrots were missing! Back to bed...the second time!

I could hear her and Maw Maw in the room talking so I stuck my head in there and Hannah was hiding under the covers. Maw Maw said, "she's hiding from the Easter bunny, Mama!" So I said, "I am the Easter bunny...hop hop hop!" Hannah pops out from under the covers and says, "no you're not, you don't have ears!" This gave me an idea! Hannah has a bunny ear head band that we got her last year or the year before and they were in her toy box. So I went and got the head band and snuck over behind the door then started tapping and stuck just the ears out far enough for her to see them. I couldn't see her face but, Maw Maw said that she just looked, trying to see around the corner! She did have a somewhat relieved look on her face when she saw that it was just me! When we asked her if I scarred her, she said, "yes!" But...she didn't cry or anything so I don't think I traumatized her!

Well, she got out of bed about 3 more times and she is finally back there to stay I think! I hope! I have filled her basket and stuffed candy into 212 plastic eggs for the egg hunt at church tomorrow. That was fun! So now I think it is time for me to end the marathon post and head to bed myself! Hopefully tomorrow I will have a chance to post pictures of her in her dress and doing other fun Easter stuff.

Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

I thought you were going to say you stuffed 212 eggs for Hannah's


Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

I was thinking the same thing as queenbee!!! hahaha... We got the dye off our table with Clorox Clean-Up! : )


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