Saturday, April 08, 2006
H Says Hhuhhh!

O.k. so it's the 3rd post without pictures. I have been at a Women of Faith Conference this weekend and haven't been able to take any pictures of Hannah the last few days. I had a great time at the conference but, I missed Hannah terribly! Some of the ladies from our group stayed the night in a hotel down by the convention center...not me, I had to come home to check on my girl! Anyway, what does Hannah do while I'm gone? She reaches a milestone! Of course! She drew two H's! I've been trying to get her to do it for a week or so now and she finally did it. Some may think that it was just a coincidence that her drawing looked like an H but, I have been working on it with her and when she draws it she says, "it's a H." Or she'll ask me, "do you want me to wite a H on your paper for you?" I really didn't expect her to do it this soon but, she did.

Tonight on the way home from dinner Joey was complaining about not feeling well because all he felt like he had done today was eat. To which Hannah reached over patted him on the face and said, "I sorry you ate too much!" She's so wonder I missed her so much this weekend.

Blogger onemotherslove had this to say:

Now you need to take a pictue of her H and post it for us!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

hehehe.. she is sweet! just like her mom.... did you have fun at the conference? nicole went to one last year and she says she had a blast. She was one of those that stayed at the hotel.. ;-)


Anonymous Nicole had this to say:

I LOOOOVE that conference and hope to go again this year. The worst part was being without the kids, but it was a great conference. Can't wait till they are back this wya again.


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