Saturday, April 29, 2006
Hannah On The Catwalk

We had our ladies banquet today and Hannah modeled a baby's shirt from Guatemala. She was so cute walking up to the stage. I will definitely post a picture of her in her get up as soon as I get one. The banquet was a lot of fun but, I am glad to sit and rest now for a while. I haven't had that much time lately to post to the blog because I have been busy printing things for the banquet. Tickets, invitations, name it. But now I should have more time to do this...which I have missed terribly!

Hannah said two things today that we thought were funny. On the way home from the banquet she sneezed and Maw Maw said that Hannah said, "I blessed my nini out of my mouth!" My mom said, "you what?" Hannah said, "when I blessed me, my nini falled out...when I sneezed!"

This afternoon Hannah brought a movie to me and said, "wead dis to me," pointing to the video. "It says, 'Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer,'" I told her. A few minutes later she points to the video and says, "I want to watch 'the red nosed bambi!'"

So, I know I've had quite a few posts with no pictures but, I promise a picture later tonight or tomorrow. Just because I know everyone wants to see pictures of my baby. I feel like that grandma that walks around with a brag book...hey, here's a website that you should check out, it's!! People just look at me like, "HUH?"


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