Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Happy Easter...Late!

I had planned on posting this Sunday night but, I was too tired to get on the internet by the time we got home. I was ready for bed! Then I had thought I would post earlier today (actually yesterday) but, I was working on taxes...YUCK! So here I am posting at almost 4:00 in the morning. I have got to get on a better schedule! Anyway...here are a few pictures of Hannah on Easter. She was so cute in her yellow dress. I could have kicked myself too, because we had the Easter egg hunt at church and I forgot to take the camera! The play ground at church looked so fun with all of the eggs sprinkled in the grass! There were almost 400 eggs in the play ground area and by the walk way to the children's building.

Hannah seemed to love her dress, especially when she would twirl and her dress would flare out. She must have spun around 100 times. She kept asking her daddy if he wanted to dance with her. Did I mention that she was so pretty? She is adorable all the time but, she was so sweet looking when she was all dressed up! And dancing with her daddy was extra sweet! She wanted him to spin her around but, everytime he would do it she got so excited that she ended up spinning faster than he was twirling her.

Here she is with aunt Leigh Anne just before they left the house to come to church.

I love this picture of her holding her little purse that matched her dress. She brought a couple of her Easter basket goodies to church in her purse. She was sure she would need her swimming goggles during the service, gum is a neccesity during church and the people up front looked better through the view master!
I must say that she has gotten better about letting us take her picture. There for a while if she even saw the camera out, she was most uncooperative! Yes, sweet little Hannah, uncooperative! Now she has this fake smile that she does when she says cheese it's more like, "chhheeeeeeeeeessssee!" Funny girl!

Joey and I had to be at church early to practice with the choir and get ready for Sunday School. Hannah wasn't even awake when we left. We tried to get her up so we could see her with her basket but, she was conked out. I was sad that we didn't see her with her basket when she woke up. Maybe next year the Easter bunny will have to come while we are at church...if we have to leave again before she gets up. Maw Maw said that Hannah saw her basket and said, "look at all de stuff de Easer bunny brought me. Wow, dats amazing!"

Hannah got a view master in her basket and here is Papa checking out Curious George! He didn't know that I was taking his picture when he was looking into the view master. Haha! He did see the flash though. He said, "who's takin' my picture?" At one point he was concentrating so hard that he had his tongue sticking out. Wish I would have had the camera then! Haha!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

What a pretty Easter dress! Goodness she is growing. Love you all!
Carol Anne


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