Monday, April 24, 2006
Make-up, Blocks, Bottles And Monies!

The other night Hannah wanted me to "play make-up" with her. I had a million things that I needed to be doing but, what did I do? I played make-up with her. I figure it'll be soon enough that she is telling me to go away and she wont care how I think she should wear her make-up so...the million things to do could wait for then! She was even sweet enough to paint my finger nails.

Painting her own toe nails. I have no idea where she learns this stuff!

I have found a new way of keeping Hannah contained...if that is possible. She is content to stay in her play pin on occasion and I can get a thing or two accomplished while she one spot and out of trouble. As long as her blocks are in the play pin with her she will play for about 10 or 15 minutes at a time! And that is a lot! I discovered this the other day when I was working on taxes. I think I will leave the play pin out for a while, at least until it stops working.

Today we went to CVS to pick up a prescription for my yucky sinus infection and while we were there Hannah found some baby bottles that she thought she had to have. Like I've said, she can't go in a store and not find something she wants! I kept telling her that I was not buying bottles, that she was a big girl and she did not need bottles. It took them a few minutes to fill the prescription and while we waited we looked around the store...all the while Hannah is carrying these bottles around insisting that she needed them, "tause I a baby, I not a big dirl!" I didn't get too excited about the bottles and decided that I would wait until it was time to go to insist that she put them back on the shelf. O.k. so I was hoping that she would loose interest and I wouldn't have to fight with her about it! Guess what. It worked. After telling the starter set of playtex bottles, " I not put you back neber neber neber," she found something else that she deemed a better buy. Play money! Joey was with her when she saw the money and he said that she walked right back to the baby section, put the bottles back where she got them from then ran back around the corner to the toy aisle, picked up the play money and said, "I need some monies!" So what is a daddy to do? He put the play monies on the counter and said, "we need this, mama!" So...I bought the money!


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