Monday, April 10, 2006
The Missing H!

One more day with out any pics! Sorry. I'll try and get some tomorrow. I was thinking about going out and finding some ducks for Hannah to feed (if it isn't too hot) and maybe we'll make it to the mall for a picture with the Easter bunny.

As for Hannah's H. I wanted to scan it and put it on here so that everyone could see it. They said they brought it home from the was on the back of a menu...but, now they can't find it. So not only did I miss seeing her do it but, I also have yet to see the first one. I'm sad! She has drawn a few more for me though! I love it when she draws it because she says, "one line down, and anudder one and one apross here like dat!" That is exactly what I told her when I was showing her how to do it. See, she does listen to me! On the way to church tonight I was showing Hannah a lower case h and she said, "oh, what dat ledder is?" "It's a little h," I said. To which she responds gasping, "I lub little h's!" With her hands clasped to her chest and all! It was so cute!


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