Wednesday, April 19, 2006
More Tomato Plants?

Yesterday Hannah and I went to our weekly mom's luncheon (which by the way we are thinking of calling Desperate Housewives...kidding!). When we were done, Joey took me for a treat...he's so sweet! I got a pedicure. I love getting pedicures but, I don't have the plethora of time to go get them done as often as I would like (everyday). Anyway, while I got a pedicure he took Hannah to the plant store and then to Wal-mart and got two more tomato plants! Ahhhhh! If these really work out, don't ask me what we are going to do with so many tomatoes when the only person in the house that will eat them is Hannah! The plants that they got yesterday are called sweet one hundreds and they came highly recommended by a lady that used to go to our church. She said that she gets two handfuls of cherry tomatoes off of hers everyday! I hope we're that lucky!
So I'll post some pictures of the proud gardeners after while. Right now I need to get ready to go to's a daily thing you know!


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