Saturday, April 08, 2006
She's Going To Marry Her Daddy And Cowboy Woody!

As I was sitting here in front of the computer getting ready to get up and go to bed, I hear Hannah singing a song beside me. It's a little ditty that goes something like this, "I'm dittin' married, I'm dittin' married yes I am. Doo Doo Doo. I'm dittin' married, I'm dittin' married, ooo ooo ooo" and it repeats unendingly. So, curious as I was, being the mother of the bride and all...I asked her when she was getting married and she said, "white now! White here, I am!" In the tone of can't you see! "Oh, so who's the lucky fella," I asked. "Uhm Daddy, and Woody!" Woody as in the cowboy on Toy Story.

She is going to marry a cowboy, isn't she?


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