Friday, April 07, 2006
Sneaky Hannah

Today when I laid down with Hannah to try and get her to take a nap, I fell asleep! Imagine that! When I woke up...she wasn't in the bed with me anymore. Imagine that! I know she didn't sleep at all because I really wasn't asleep that long but, I must have been sleeping pretty hard because I didn't hear or feel her getting out of the bed. Talk about a creepy feeling. And...our bed is pretty high up but, she didn't make a sound. I think she must have had a plan because she was very quiet and when I was putting my make-up on later I noticed that all of my make-up was out of my bag. The blush was open along with the mascara and eyeshadow! I have no idea where my moisturizer is!

So this evening she had about a 30 minute nap in the car. Joey and I went to work out at about 11 PM and got back home at almost 2 AM and she was still awake! What in the world is up with that? I also had a very hard time getting her to eat anything today. Don't you just love days like that? She wasn't bad, just kind of uncooperative! But, she did have two baths so if nothing else she is clean!


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I am the stay at home mommy of Hannah. In addition to taking care of her, I take care of her daddy. Joey, my husband is the pastor at our church and that means that I have to be on my best behavior most of the time!! Actually I'm probably not, but I do try so so hard! Especially at church, but that's only because I'm usually sitting on the front pew!

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