Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Hannah Is Better

Hannah is doing better today. Not sure if she is feeling better or the hyperactivity from the breathing treatments has over powered the control she has over the compulsion to do whatever in the heck she wants. Anyway she is breathing a bit better. She still has a yucky cough though. The doctor said that it is a cold and that she has sensitive airways. We have to do breathing treatments for a while again.

Today Maw Maw found a leak under the sink and in the picture Hannah is helping her investigate. "I don't see notin', Maw Maw. I don't see notin' what it is!" Good to know that she probably wont be a plumber when she grows up. Nothing against plumbers, I was just hoping for some complementary medical care when she grows up.

Last night Hannah was eating alphabet chicken noodle soup. I was showing her all of the letters and telling her different people's names that started with each. When I found a B the first thing that came to mind was baby. So I said, "this is a B and B is for baby." I was shocked when she looked at me and said, "dat's Biwwy's name. His name says B." Billy is her friend from church but, I don't recall ever telling her what his name started with.

It was about the time that I finished that last thought on this post that I thought to myself, I smell nail polish! Where's Hannah? Well, I smelled nail polish alright and I found Hannah alright ... right in the middle of the nail polish! Augh! Five minutes ... that girl, I can't leave her alone for five minutes! It wasn't just on her fingers and toes, it was on her little table and the kitchen floor as well. Wonder what the doctor would say to her breathing those fumes! :+ {

And this, the innocent face after the nail polish!

It Is Possible...

To bathe a 2 year old and bake cookies at the same time!
As I was putting dishes in the dishwasher tonight, Hannah decided she wanted to take a bath in the kitchen sink as she has done many times before. Amazingly she still fits in there. It is getting a little tight though. I didn't mind because it is much easier on the back and I was wanting to bake some chocolate chip cookies anyway so I killed two birds with one stone! I wish one of them had been that bird that ate Hannah's tomato! Ahhh, I digress! I really have worked through that and I am done with it!
Tomorrow we have another appointment with the asthma/allergy specialist. Last this morning at about 2:30 Hannah woke up having an all out asthma attack. She was gasping for air. It was pretty scary. So bad that I contemplated taking her to the emergency room. I thought I would try her Xopenex first though and it worked well enough. The weird thing is that I had just put her nebulizer and asthma medicines up yesterday. I was tired of seeing it all out on the counter. The good thing about that is that I had taken the time to clean all the pieces real good because they had just been sitting out on the counter and were a little dusty. I had them in a ziplock ready for the next time she needed it. That was sooner than I had anticipated. Tomorrow was the earliest they could see her so we'll be going there in the morning. Today Hannah has had two doses of steroids...and she is wild. Still awake and raring to go! It's gonna be a long night!

Sunday, May 28, 2006
Oh, I Am So Mad!

I was so excited, Hannah had a tomato that was finally ready to pick. I told Joey yesterday that I bet it would be ready in the next day or two. Guess what. We came home from church today and a bird had eaten a hunk out of it. If I find that bird...I'm gonna shoot it with a rubber band! So tonight we went to Wal-mart and bought some netting made for keeping bad birds off of your tomatoes. Joey said that on the Garden Line they said that the birds would wait until the tomatoes were ripe for the pickin' and then eat them! Oooo if I find that bird, it's dead! I am so mad. Hannah took it rather well though. Better than I did anyway. I was expecting her to be upset but, it didn't really seem to bother her. And look how pretty it would have been. I don't like tomatoes at all but, that one looked like it would have tasted really good!

Thursday, May 25, 2006
Oh The Funny Things Hannah Says

This morning Hannah and I were taking a bath and she kept splashing me in the face. After telling her a number of times to stop splashing me she did it again so I said, "Hannah, if you splash me again, I'm going to splash you back!" I sounds a bit childish but, I wanted to get her attention and I knew she wouldn't want to be splashed. Well, her response to that was, "an' I'm dunna put toothpaste in yer heir!" Where does she get this? I've never told her I was going to put anything in her hair, how does she come up with toothpaste? And where does she get putting it in my hair? And what makes her think that she can "get even" with me?

Today I took Hannah to the mall for lunch and to play in the play area for a little while. On the way home I had the music on and I noticed that Hannah was singing along...rather loudly! At the top of her lungs to be precise. So I set the track back to the beginning of the song and whipped out my handy video camera cell phone and started recording her. Below is the result. Keep in mind, I was driving down the road and it's not the best video camera so the quality of the video is poor but, the singing is the best part.

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She sings something like:

I love to worship you, I love to worship you
Holy, Holy, Holy, watch the tar wight dere (not really part of the song)
Holy, Holy, Holy

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Full Moon & Children With Ear Phones!

Today I took Hannah to the pool. There were several children there with their mommies. One boy in particular mooned us everytime he climbed out of the pool. His swim trunks were down to his knees. Thankfully Hannah didn't notice because if she had, I'm sure she would have shared her two year old little thoughts with the entire pool!

On another thought, a video ipod can be quite the useful tool for a parent trying to eat out with a small child. Hannah loves to watch the movie Elf so when we eat out I take the video ipod. She doesn't use it everytime we go but, it's nice to have if the dining out experience becomes an eating and sitting marathon. Now if you have seen the movie Elf, perhaps you will recall the part at the beginning where the man is talking about all of the jobs that elves can hold. He also talks about how in the North Pole they have tried to employ trolls and gnomes to help make toys. At which point he states that they do not work out so well as the gnomes tend to drink too much (burping gnome in the background) and the trolls aren't potty trained (troll passes gas in the background). I would venture to say that this is probably Hannah's favorite part but, it isn't great that she feels the need to announce what has happened in the movie to everyone the middle of a restaurant. Now I know that someone is bound to fret over the fact that I let Hannah use earphones, but never fear...I always make sure the volume is very very low. Anyway, with earphones in (you know how that always makes people talk louder than necessary) she announces laughing, "he tooted!"

Monday, May 22, 2006

That is what Joey said today when he heard the thump on the kitchen floor. It was my birthday cake and Hannah had pulled it off of the counter onto the floor. "Mommy! Tome here, tome look at yer bir-day take," is what Hannah said! Amazingly, the only thing that was wrong with the cake was that it slid back in the box and just squashed the back edge of the cake flat. It still tasted great! Hannah was just excited about the yellow, red, blue and green icing on it and she wanted me to come look at that!

Earlier Joey had come home with my present and Hannah went right in to get it, brought it into the living room where I was and said, "see? I toad you he was dunna to dit a pwesent, here let me look at it por you!" At which she proceeded to open my gift...I didn't care, I was just having fun watching her be so excited. She has no clue what a video ipod case is for but, she was thrilled that I had gotten one!

A couple of these pictures tonight are courtesy of Hannah...she took them. Note what is important to her and what she wants keepsakes of! Her bear and pictured above is the infamous nini (in case you were wondering what on earth that was)!

Following is a video of me and Hannah blowing out the candles...well, actually we edited to only show Hannah's reaction to the blowing out of the candles. You would probably find the rest boring but, Hannah's reaction was hilarious!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Definitely Girl...Definitely All Girl!

Tonight Hannah was sitting on the bed while I cleaned up in my room. I had the t.v. on and she was watching ER...I know probably not the best thing for her to be watching with all of the blood and guts but, at the time there wasn't any of that on there. The scene was that of a funeral and the widow was sitting in a chair at the grave site crying...sad music playing in the background and everything. I looked up at Hannah to see if she was watching. She was, her eyes were red and she was very intent. When the scene changed I got her attention and asked, "are you crying?" I had somewhat of a playful, teasing tone. She snickered, wiped her eye and said, "naw, not anymore!" She isn't even 3 for cryin' out loud, and she's crying during dramas!

You know, sometimes I look at Hannah and think, "my goodness, she's gorgeous!" Then I think...I probably think that because she's I look again and guess what...she is gorgeous, even if she is mine!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Mosquito Bites!

Poor Hannah has two mosquito bites on her face! Right in her temple area and they have caused her eye to swell and turn red underneath. Really that whole side of her face was swollen today. I called the doctor today and they said just to give her benedryl and put cortizone cream on it. She got the bites on Sunday night. She hadn't been outside in a few days other than going to and from the car and hasn't been since except for going to the zoo yesterday. While we were at the zoo we all put Off on or on Off...whatever! But, tonight it looks like she might have another one right in the corner of her eye. I am hoping that she just had a red mark or it was where she had scratched because it is even closer to her eye and it already looks terrible. Like I've been beating her or something but, I haven't!

This picture to me is just hilarious. It's like, "Strike a pose!" She's so pretty even with swollen mosquito bites on her little angel face!

The Zoo

Today we took Hannah on her first trip to the zoo. It was perfect. We went later in the afternoon and the weather here wasn't very hot today. There weren't a whole lot of people there because it was 4:00 PM when we got there. Hannah's favorite animals were the pink flamingos (because they are pink)! They had the cutest baby giraffe and she was impressed with the camels which I don't think she had ever heard of before! However she was pretty upset that she didn't get an elephant to bring home. She was planning on putting it in the back yard. I think we might have some splainin' to do! She doesn't quite understand the concept of deed restrictions! I told her that the next time we went we would go to the gift shop and get her a stuffed elephant. In this first picture she had just realized that the elephants were up ahead.

I think Joey's shoulders are probably going to be sore tomorrow because she spent a lot of time on them today! Which was probably a good place for her...she took 3 spills within about 25 minutes of each other. She tripped over a crack in the ground (it was a big one in her defense), she then stepped off the cement and her foot twisted and she fell...then on top of that her daddy tripped her with the stroller...on accident! She was having a rough time.

Again, her favorite animals were the flamingos. I think she has decided that her favorite colors are red, pink and orange. Mostly red though...just like her great grandmother! I kept trying to get her to say flamingo and she wouldn't. She would say, "you say it!" When she finally did say it, it came out something like fuh-mean-do. If you look closely in this picture you can see the two mosquito bites she has on the side of her face. They are huge and look terrible close up. That side of her face was red and swollen all day.

When the zoo closed we left and went to the Ragin' Cajun to eat. I think somehow down the line somewhere a little cajun blood has seeped into her veins. No cajun jokes here please! That girl can put away a plate of fried shrimp and the child loves to dip her bread in bisque or in gumbo and I'm talkin' hot 'n spicy gumbo! Burnin' my mouth, I'm on fire gumbo! Crazy, huh? She would say, "ooo, hotcha motcha! I like dat, it's nummie!"

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

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If I didn't get one present or card or flower on Mother's Day, that would be o.k. Because everyday that I wake up and see that sweet face is Mother's Day in my book!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. You mean more to me than words could ever express, I don't know where I would be without you! I have learned how to be the best Mama for Hannah from none other than the best Mom! Thank you for loving Hannah like you do and for being her Maw Maw!

Terri, thank you for raising Joey the way you did and for teaching him how to love and care for the women who are important in his life. And thank you for being Hannah's very special Mimi that loves her unconditionally!

Friday, May 12, 2006
Almost 3 Year Olds Can Be Awfully Brutal!

No picture necessary for this on and you'll understand why!

Hannah is always quick to point out any blemishes I have or anything that is out of place with my hair but, yesterday she went over the line with her honesty! Hannah was taking a bath with me and I guess I kept bumping her with my leg because she looked at me and said, "stop dat, dat hurts me. You need to take dose thangs off your legs dat you sometimes take off." Not knowing what on earth she was speaking of, I said, "what things?" She leaned in to have a closer look and pointed to the hair on my legs that needed shaving and said, "all dose thangs! Look, dere's a bunch of dem, dere having a party!" I'm not kidding...she often times will say that a large gathering of anything is having a party...birds, people...whatever. But, when she said the hairs on my legs were having a party, I decided that it was indeed time to shave. She then looks at my stomach and says, "whoa, you have a big belly button!" Stop right there girl, you've said quite enough and next time I'll be taking my bath alone, thank you!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006
A Picture For Papa

Hi, Papa! I drawed dis pit-ture por you yesterday. I even wite the H in my name. I wanted to tell you dat I missed you. I hope you dot me lots ub toys in Egypt. I dot a dame talled Tandy Land from Target tonight and my uhmatoes are browing fast. We hab a bunch of little baby matoes dat are doing to dit big big big and dere donna be num-mie. When you tome home you tan tome ober to my house and pway my new dame and you tan eat some my uhmatoes.

Mommy said her birday is toming!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
"But Y'all Not Bewy Nice To Me!"

That has been Hannah's response lately to her getting in trouble. When we fuss at her for getting into something or for not doing what we tell her to do she says, "but dat wasn't bewy nice ub you! Y'all not bewy nice to me!" Only it's very dramatic with tears and everything!!

The inspiration for this post...we've heard that several times's been one of those days!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Important Things!

There are a few things that Joey owns that at times I feel take precedence over even myself! His car is definitely up there on the list. And the boy has always been fond of his computers! He has even gone so far as to remark that his computer is worth more than my life! Jokingly...I hope! Now knowing this, I really do my best to keep Hannah away from daddy's computer and to take care when she is in or around his new car. And knowing this, I'm sure you will find it as amusing as I have, the things Hannah managed tonight...yes, all in one night.

Joey was outside this evening trying to find the horn on his car...for some odd reason he has always wanted a trucker horn on his car and he was trying to figure out if one would fit under the hood of this car (as if). Anyway as he was investigating, he hears Hannah say, "dit me outta here!" Upon walking around to get her, he realizes the issue at hand...she peed in his seat!!!! Bawhaahaaha! Funny girl!!

Later this evening Hannah was playing near her daddy's computer, thankfully he was the one watching her at that moment (supposedly)! Then I hear him tell her she's not going in that room anymore! When I inquired why she had been banned from that room (the office) he said, "she drew all over the keyboard to my computer!" Ooops! I have to give her credit for this one though...note the letter that has the most markings on it!!! That's girl knows that the "H" is the most important letter of the alphabet!

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Splish Splash!

Last night Hannah got in her pool. She took a late nap so I was hoping it would make her tired and she would go back to bed at a decent hour ... didn't work she stayed up until 2' AM! The bad thing is that now we both have mosquito bites galore! Poor baby, I feel bad that I let her play out there among all the bugs! My mom kept saying, "she's gonna get mosquito bites!" She had fun while she was out there though and she has asked several times to go swimming again today. For the moment she is content to wait until "the mostito bites dit oph ub her." Now I need to dump the pool and quit contributing to the mosquito population!

At one point Hannah was trying to climb up the slide and slipped off. She ended up going all the way under. As soon as I picked her up, I started saying, "yay, you did so good, wasn't that fun?" "But, dat wasn't pun," she said crying! Maybe next year she will be more into going under!

I think she has officially hit a growth spurt. Her little belly has gotten pudgy and her night time diapers have gotten tight! Now it's only a matter of time before she shoots up taller. And she has started playing her daddy and me against each other. She will ask me for something and when I say no, she goes and asks her daddy and vice versa! So now before we answer her, we have to ask what he other said about it.

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Here is some video I took of her swimming!

Friday, May 05, 2006
You Wanna Dit In Too?

Tonight Uncle Wayne came over and we went to dinner and Wal-Mart. At Wal-Mart, I got Hannah a wading pool/play center for the backyard that came with balls and blow up toys. Hannah was quite the disappointed one when she found out that she would not be going swimming tonight in her new pool but, was comforted when I told her she could take a bath with the toys that came with the pool. We were watching her in the tub and she asked her Uncle Wayne, "you wanna dit in wit me too?" Needless to say, Wayne declined the invitation but, Hannah still had fun in the tub with all of her new pool toys.

Thursday, May 04, 2006
Hannah's Prize!

Last night Joey and I did a bad bad thing. We got Joey his own set of wheels. He has been looking at Miatas for a while now and he found one last night. Yes, we may very well be insane but, I am thrilled that he will no longer be stealing my car and leaving me on foot...not that he did that often. And not that I ever went anywhere on foot ha ha, I wouldn't last 2 minutes in the heat here!! Hannah loves the car and last night when we came home with it she said, "are yall dot me a pwize?" "Why yes and it's sitting on the driveway, let's go see it" was our response. Well, actually that was my response and Joey isn't exactly thrilled that she refers to the car as "her new tar"! Today we put her carseat in it and let her ride around with him all day. Being that it is a two seater, I was on my own following them in my car for most of the day. He did let me drive her around part of the time. When we made our first stop for the day, Hannah came up to me and said, "don't let daddy take my tarseat out of de new tar and put it in your tar, otay!?!?!?" I guess me and my Pilot are chopped liver now! I wanted to get a picture of her when she first got in because she was so excited that she was getting to ride in the new car but, the batteries on the camera were run down. By the time I finally got a picture of her, she was asleep. Worn out from all the excitement, I guess!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My mother calling me by all three names was always the tell tale sign that I was in trouble when I was little. Up until this point in her life I have refrained from calling Hannah by all three names. Not intentionally, there just really hasn't been a need to do so. Recently a new trend has developed. It seems that sometimes in order to get her attention I have to at least say Hannah Leighanne! And I'm not talkin' just Hannah Leighanne...I'm talkin' HANNAH LEIGHANNE!!! Apparently while Joey and I were working out tonight, Hannah was busy working out some of her two year old frustrations...with baby powder finger painting! Seems therapeutic enough, don't you think? When I walked in to check on her (she was sleeping) I saw the rocking chair on my way! I asked Maw Maw what happened in the rocking chair and all she did was laugh for a second. Then she proceeded to tell me that while she was switching clothes over to the dryer, Hannah did that! When she saw her doing that she said, "Hannah Leighanne (insert last name here)!" I should have named the child Curious Georgetta or something similar as it seems she is consistently getting into things! But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way because do you see what she looks like when she is sleeping? The camera didn't pick up the halo that is floating over her curly little head. When I see that or when she says, "I lub you too," suddenly it doesn't matter what she got into all day...and I do mean all day!!

Hannah Daze

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