Friday, May 12, 2006
Almost 3 Year Olds Can Be Awfully Brutal!

No picture necessary for this on and you'll understand why!

Hannah is always quick to point out any blemishes I have or anything that is out of place with my hair but, yesterday she went over the line with her honesty! Hannah was taking a bath with me and I guess I kept bumping her with my leg because she looked at me and said, "stop dat, dat hurts me. You need to take dose thangs off your legs dat you sometimes take off." Not knowing what on earth she was speaking of, I said, "what things?" She leaned in to have a closer look and pointed to the hair on my legs that needed shaving and said, "all dose thangs! Look, dere's a bunch of dem, dere having a party!" I'm not kidding...she often times will say that a large gathering of anything is having a party...birds, people...whatever. But, when she said the hairs on my legs were having a party, I decided that it was indeed time to shave. She then looks at my stomach and says, "whoa, you have a big belly button!" Stop right there girl, you've said quite enough and next time I'll be taking my bath alone, thank you!!!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

LOL!! ROFL!!! That's so hilarious!! Atleast she's taking in the quality of honesty.. I like the gathering party bit.. that's sounds awefully familiar ;-)


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