Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Full Moon & Children With Ear Phones!

Today I took Hannah to the pool. There were several children there with their mommies. One boy in particular mooned us everytime he climbed out of the pool. His swim trunks were down to his knees. Thankfully Hannah didn't notice because if she had, I'm sure she would have shared her two year old little thoughts with the entire pool!

On another thought, a video ipod can be quite the useful tool for a parent trying to eat out with a small child. Hannah loves to watch the movie Elf so when we eat out I take the video ipod. She doesn't use it everytime we go but, it's nice to have if the dining out experience becomes an eating and sitting marathon. Now if you have seen the movie Elf, perhaps you will recall the part at the beginning where the man is talking about all of the jobs that elves can hold. He also talks about how in the North Pole they have tried to employ trolls and gnomes to help make toys. At which point he states that they do not work out so well as the gnomes tend to drink too much (burping gnome in the background) and the trolls aren't potty trained (troll passes gas in the background). I would venture to say that this is probably Hannah's favorite part but, it isn't great that she feels the need to announce what has happened in the movie to everyone the middle of a restaurant. Now I know that someone is bound to fret over the fact that I let Hannah use earphones, but never fear...I always make sure the volume is very very low. Anyway, with earphones in (you know how that always makes people talk louder than necessary) she announces laughing, "he tooted!"

Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

I LOVE the things children say and do! I don't care what it is, it's funny! That is adorable!! Considering your training in child development, I'm quite sure that you are more than capable of controlling a set of ear thingies. ;-) Joshua loves to listen to Brandon's mp3 player.. I won't share mine. You're such a good mom. :-)


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