Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Hannah Is Better

Hannah is doing better today. Not sure if she is feeling better or the hyperactivity from the breathing treatments has over powered the control she has over the compulsion to do whatever in the heck she wants. Anyway she is breathing a bit better. She still has a yucky cough though. The doctor said that it is a cold and that she has sensitive airways. We have to do breathing treatments for a while again.

Today Maw Maw found a leak under the sink and in the picture Hannah is helping her investigate. "I don't see notin', Maw Maw. I don't see notin' what it is!" Good to know that she probably wont be a plumber when she grows up. Nothing against plumbers, I was just hoping for some complementary medical care when she grows up.

Last night Hannah was eating alphabet chicken noodle soup. I was showing her all of the letters and telling her different people's names that started with each. When I found a B the first thing that came to mind was baby. So I said, "this is a B and B is for baby." I was shocked when she looked at me and said, "dat's Biwwy's name. His name says B." Billy is her friend from church but, I don't recall ever telling her what his name started with.

It was about the time that I finished that last thought on this post that I thought to myself, I smell nail polish! Where's Hannah? Well, I smelled nail polish alright and I found Hannah alright ... right in the middle of the nail polish! Augh! Five minutes ... that girl, I can't leave her alone for five minutes! It wasn't just on her fingers and toes, it was on her little table and the kitchen floor as well. Wonder what the doctor would say to her breathing those fumes! :+ {

And this, the innocent face after the nail polish!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

hehehe... five minutes huh? that's funny! you should try going shopping with little MN... We call him "Sticky fingers" for the sole reason that he tends to reach out of the stroller and takes grasp of anything close to him. Try explaining that to a manager who confronts you after the anti-theft alarm sounds! ;-)


Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

hee hee hee... Joshua is following along right after her! He is constantly into something. I'm glad she's feeling better! Prayers that she is back to normal ASAP! {{{{HUGS}}}}


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