Thursday, May 04, 2006
Hannah's Prize!

Last night Joey and I did a bad bad thing. We got Joey his own set of wheels. He has been looking at Miatas for a while now and he found one last night. Yes, we may very well be insane but, I am thrilled that he will no longer be stealing my car and leaving me on foot...not that he did that often. And not that I ever went anywhere on foot ha ha, I wouldn't last 2 minutes in the heat here!! Hannah loves the car and last night when we came home with it she said, "are yall dot me a pwize?" "Why yes and it's sitting on the driveway, let's go see it" was our response. Well, actually that was my response and Joey isn't exactly thrilled that she refers to the car as "her new tar"! Today we put her carseat in it and let her ride around with him all day. Being that it is a two seater, I was on my own following them in my car for most of the day. He did let me drive her around part of the time. When we made our first stop for the day, Hannah came up to me and said, "don't let daddy take my tarseat out of de new tar and put it in your tar, otay!?!?!?" I guess me and my Pilot are chopped liver now! I wanted to get a picture of her when she first got in because she was so excited that she was getting to ride in the new car but, the batteries on the camera were run down. By the time I finally got a picture of her, she was asleep. Worn out from all the excitement, I guess!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

WOW!! That's AWESOME!! can I take it out for a spin????? ;-)


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