Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Important Things!

There are a few things that Joey owns that at times I feel take precedence over even myself! His car is definitely up there on the list. And the boy has always been fond of his computers! He has even gone so far as to remark that his computer is worth more than my life! Jokingly...I hope! Now knowing this, I really do my best to keep Hannah away from daddy's computer and to take care when she is in or around his new car. And knowing this, I'm sure you will find it as amusing as I have, the things Hannah managed tonight...yes, all in one night.

Joey was outside this evening trying to find the horn on his car...for some odd reason he has always wanted a trucker horn on his car and he was trying to figure out if one would fit under the hood of this car (as if). Anyway as he was investigating, he hears Hannah say, "dit me outta here!" Upon walking around to get her, he realizes the issue at hand...she peed in his seat!!!! Bawhaahaaha! Funny girl!!

Later this evening Hannah was playing near her daddy's computer, thankfully he was the one watching her at that moment (supposedly)! Then I hear him tell her she's not going in that room anymore! When I inquired why she had been banned from that room (the office) he said, "she drew all over the keyboard to my computer!" Ooops! I have to give her credit for this one though...note the letter that has the most markings on it!!! That's right...my girl knows that the "H" is the most important letter of the alphabet!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

lol!! that's funny! his car has now been induted into the family. atleast she didn't have an over flowing poopy diaper, which is what happend to my car at the time it was new.

Anna always wants to play with the computer, so when we got a replacement I just left the old one down where she could reach it and play around on it. I have one in the garage, want me to bring it for hannah?


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