Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Mosquito Bites!

Poor Hannah has two mosquito bites on her face! Right in her temple area and they have caused her eye to swell and turn red underneath. Really that whole side of her face was swollen today. I called the doctor today and they said just to give her benedryl and put cortizone cream on it. She got the bites on Sunday night. She hadn't been outside in a few days other than going to and from the car and hasn't been since except for going to the zoo yesterday. While we were at the zoo we all put Off on or on Off...whatever! But, tonight it looks like she might have another one right in the corner of her eye. I am hoping that she just had a red mark or it was where she had scratched because it is even closer to her eye and it already looks terrible. Like I've been beating her or something but, I haven't!

This picture to me is just hilarious. It's like, "Strike a pose!" She's so pretty even with swollen mosquito bites on her little angel face!

Blogger WyldJoker had this to say:

looks like she's got something up her sleeve! I say that because that's the same look Anna give when she's up to something. lol


Blogger e-Mom had this to say:

Such a bequiling expression. What a cutie!


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