Thursday, May 25, 2006
Oh The Funny Things Hannah Says

This morning Hannah and I were taking a bath and she kept splashing me in the face. After telling her a number of times to stop splashing me she did it again so I said, "Hannah, if you splash me again, I'm going to splash you back!" I sounds a bit childish but, I wanted to get her attention and I knew she wouldn't want to be splashed. Well, her response to that was, "an' I'm dunna put toothpaste in yer heir!" Where does she get this? I've never told her I was going to put anything in her hair, how does she come up with toothpaste? And where does she get putting it in my hair? And what makes her think that she can "get even" with me?

Today I took Hannah to the mall for lunch and to play in the play area for a little while. On the way home I had the music on and I noticed that Hannah was singing along...rather loudly! At the top of her lungs to be precise. So I set the track back to the beginning of the song and whipped out my handy video camera cell phone and started recording her. Below is the result. Keep in mind, I was driving down the road and it's not the best video camera so the quality of the video is poor but, the singing is the best part.

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She sings something like:

I love to worship you, I love to worship you
Holy, Holy, Holy, watch the tar wight dere (not really part of the song)
Holy, Holy, Holy


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