Monday, May 22, 2006

That is what Joey said today when he heard the thump on the kitchen floor. It was my birthday cake and Hannah had pulled it off of the counter onto the floor. "Mommy! Tome here, tome look at yer bir-day take," is what Hannah said! Amazingly, the only thing that was wrong with the cake was that it slid back in the box and just squashed the back edge of the cake flat. It still tasted great! Hannah was just excited about the yellow, red, blue and green icing on it and she wanted me to come look at that!

Earlier Joey had come home with my present and Hannah went right in to get it, brought it into the living room where I was and said, "see? I toad you he was dunna to dit a pwesent, here let me look at it por you!" At which she proceeded to open my gift...I didn't care, I was just having fun watching her be so excited. She has no clue what a video ipod case is for but, she was thrilled that I had gotten one!

A couple of these pictures tonight are courtesy of Hannah...she took them. Note what is important to her and what she wants keepsakes of! Her bear and pictured above is the infamous nini (in case you were wondering what on earth that was)!

Following is a video of me and Hannah blowing out the candles...well, actually we edited to only show Hannah's reaction to the blowing out of the candles. You would probably find the rest boring but, Hannah's reaction was hilarious!

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Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

lol! that video is so funny!! her laugh is just so darn cute!! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

It looks and sounds like Hannah made your birthday a very special day. She is so cute.



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