Sunday, May 07, 2006
Splish Splash!

Last night Hannah got in her pool. She took a late nap so I was hoping it would make her tired and she would go back to bed at a decent hour ... didn't work she stayed up until 2' AM! The bad thing is that now we both have mosquito bites galore! Poor baby, I feel bad that I let her play out there among all the bugs! My mom kept saying, "she's gonna get mosquito bites!" She had fun while she was out there though and she has asked several times to go swimming again today. For the moment she is content to wait until "the mostito bites dit oph ub her." Now I need to dump the pool and quit contributing to the mosquito population!

At one point Hannah was trying to climb up the slide and slipped off. She ended up going all the way under. As soon as I picked her up, I started saying, "yay, you did so good, wasn't that fun?" "But, dat wasn't pun," she said crying! Maybe next year she will be more into going under!

I think she has officially hit a growth spurt. Her little belly has gotten pudgy and her night time diapers have gotten tight! Now it's only a matter of time before she shoots up taller. And she has started playing her daddy and me against each other. She will ask me for something and when I say no, she goes and asks her daddy and vice versa! So now before we answer her, we have to ask what he other said about it.

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Here is some video I took of her swimming!

Anonymous Queenbee had this to say:

so when she goes to sleep at 2am, what time does she wake up?


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