Tuesday, May 16, 2006
The Zoo

Today we took Hannah on her first trip to the zoo. It was perfect. We went later in the afternoon and the weather here wasn't very hot today. There weren't a whole lot of people there because it was 4:00 PM when we got there. Hannah's favorite animals were the pink flamingos (because they are pink)! They had the cutest baby giraffe and she was impressed with the camels which I don't think she had ever heard of before! However she was pretty upset that she didn't get an elephant to bring home. She was planning on putting it in the back yard. I think we might have some splainin' to do! She doesn't quite understand the concept of deed restrictions! I told her that the next time we went we would go to the gift shop and get her a stuffed elephant. In this first picture she had just realized that the elephants were up ahead.

I think Joey's shoulders are probably going to be sore tomorrow because she spent a lot of time on them today! Which was probably a good place for her...she took 3 spills within about 25 minutes of each other. She tripped over a crack in the ground (it was a big one in her defense), she then stepped off the cement and her foot twisted and she fell...then on top of that her daddy tripped her with the stroller...on accident! She was having a rough time.

Again, her favorite animals were the flamingos. I think she has decided that her favorite colors are red, pink and orange. Mostly red though...just like her great grandmother! I kept trying to get her to say flamingo and she wouldn't. She would say, "you say it!" When she finally did say it, it came out something like fuh-mean-do. If you look closely in this picture you can see the two mosquito bites she has on the side of her face. They are huge and look terrible close up. That side of her face was red and swollen all day.

When the zoo closed we left and went to the Ragin' Cajun to eat. I think somehow down the line somewhere a little cajun blood has seeped into her veins. No cajun jokes here please! That girl can put away a plate of fried shrimp and the child loves to dip her bread in bisque or in gumbo and I'm talkin' hot 'n spicy gumbo! Burnin' my mouth, I'm on fire gumbo! Crazy, huh? She would say, "ooo, hotcha motcha! I like dat, it's nummie!"

Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

I can't believe you didn't let her have an elephant. Seriously...she could feed it tomatoes. No one would know.


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