Tuesday, June 13, 2006
2 Sugars & Cream Please...

It is odd that a child Hannah's age would drink coffee. And not that she just drinks it, she drinks it like it's water! No sipping involved...well, except for effect anyway! And in June for cryin' out loud! I don't know where the child got her taste buds. Tomatoes and coffee? This is not my child! If I hadn't been there for the delivery, I might really question it.

Today I was putting Hannah's shoes and socks on her and she looked at me and said, "mama, yer tillin' me!" Perhaps when I'm frustrated with her I should refrain from telling her that she's killing me! It's crazy how the things you say come back to haunt you!

In other news...I had mentioned a while back that I would be having a test run towards the end of May on my heart. Well, I had the test run two weeks ago Friday and went in to the doctor's office that afternoon with the understanding that I would be getting the results then. I don't know why I ever thought I would actually get the results that day because of course they didn't have the results that day...they didn't get the results until this morning...over two weeks later! I will spare you my venting and just let you know that I find this ridiculous in the year 2006! Anyway, if you recall this is the test that tells me if I am eligible for a heart transplant and if my "magic" number is 14 or below, I am eligible and if it is above 14, I am not sick enough to need a transplant. My hope was that I would no longer be eligible (cause I don't really care for a transplant, thank you!) and my numbers the times before were 11.3 the first time and 13.something the second. Well, do you want to know what it was this time? Nah, I think you want to wait two weeks like I had to!!!

Just kidding, it was 16.3! Yay, no transplant for me!

Blogger Lynds had this to say:

What a blessing and wonderful news on your results! Lovin the pictures of Hannah and her coffee, my younger two like it too, goofy kids lol


Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

I am seriously crying! Thank you for not making me wait! Praise God!!! Oh wow! Now keep going and get that number even higher.. If it was legal, I would give you my heart if you needed it. {{{{HUGS}}}} You have made my day.. no matter what happens, nothing can ruin it! I'm sure it also has a lot to do with Hanna's coffee drinking... somehow.. in some odd way.


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

Praise God!


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