Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Does That Count As A Fruit?

Hannah is really into fruit roll ups these days. She has begged for one the past few days and we were out. Tonight when she went to the store with Maw Maw they bought two boxes of them. Red ones! So far tonight Hannah has had three of them. When she brought a fourth in, I had to say no! Which didn't set well with her, she began crying. She still has a little bit of a cough from her cold left and when she began to cry, I guess she had drainage in the back of her throat because her voice cracked. She got a funny look on her face and said, "sometin's wong wit my cry!"

Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

Oh! Poor baby! She thinks her cry is broken! Shawn! Fix it!!! Give her a fruit roll up.. they soothe the cough ticklers.


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