Monday, June 05, 2006
Hannah's Secret...Part 2

This morning Hannah called me into my bedroom where she was supposed to be sitting on the bed watching Little Einstein while I got ready. Sticking her tongue out with a look of disgust on her face she said, "wipe it opf!" When I asked her what was in her mouth she pointed to the stick of deodorant sitting on the bed. She ate it! Poison control said not to worry that the most I would see is vomiting, if I saw even that. It's like eating a bar of soap. Grrroooossssss! I don't think I have to worry about her eating it again anytime soon. She was not impressed with the taste. The good thing is that now I know that the number to poison control is 1-800-222-1222...should the need to call arise anytime again soon!

On another Hannah comes up to me with that angelic grin on her face, holding whatever behind her back and says to me, "don't say what I have!" In other words...don't ask me what is behind my back...I'm hiding it for a reason!

Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

I always wonder how it is that kids can even get past the taste long enough to bite soap, deordorant or any of the other things they manage to eat. Seriously... just let my tongue touch something like deodorant and I would be gagging. I'm glad to hear that deodorant is ok to eat. I would also like to pass on that WD-40 is safe to spray on one's self. *blush*


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