Wednesday, June 21, 2006
I'm Goin' To Bed!

Today has been a very long day and I don't know if it is because we didn't get out of the house or what but, I am ready for the day to be over! Hannah didn't take a nap today and she was very grumpy and uncooperative for most of the late afternoon and evening. I was counting down the days that I had left in this "terrific two" stage until someone informed me tonight that it doesn't magically disappear on their third birthday! Talk about disappointment! For the most part Hannah is a pretty good little girl but, she definitely has her days and today was one of them. If I said, "no," she said, "yes!" If I told her yes, she told me no! If I told her to pick up her toys, I may as well have told the toys to jump into the toybox themselves, I would have gotten an equal response! I thought to myself, maybe she doesn't hear well and you should have her hearing checked...then I had an idea...I could check it myself, so I did a little test. I whispered three little words...Toys R Us! It was amazing...her hearing is fine! Then I thought maybe I expect too much after all she is only 2 (granted she will be 3 in less than two weeks) but, then I remembered...she is smart and children will deliver only what is expected of them...I expect her to mind me! I tried reasoning with her to no avail...have you ever tried to reason with a toddler?

So I say, tomorrow is a new day...a new day that involves Hannah having a nap...and maybe I'll feel better if I have a nap too!

Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

That hearing test works with the words "chocolate" and "cake" too. ;-) I didn't go through the terrible twos. My mom swears up and down that i went through the terrible threes! :-D


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