Thursday, June 29, 2006
One Day Left!!

<-- Hannah with her hair frazzled from playing so much at Bible School!

Tomorrow is the last day of Bible School. We have had fun, but we are very tired. Hannah has had the best naps this week! Normally Hannah really loves going to her Sunday School class, but I think she is ready for a break. Last night my mom was trying to get Hannah into the tub and she said, "come on we have to get in bed so that you can go to your class tomorrow!" "No, I doesn't want to," she said. "Dey're tlosed tomorrow!"

Sorry I haven't updated more lately, but we have come home and crashed each day. Then I've had to get busy getting ready for the next day! But...normal activities will resume shortly! Thank goodness! Now I remember why I didn't want to go back to work! I don't know how working mothers do it! I lack the energy! Plus, I can't handle getting Hannah and myself ready that early everyday! Since Hannah isn't really into getting up early I would take her clothes with us and dress her once we got to church and she slept on the way there. Well, Monday I forgot to grab Hannah's shoes...she went barefooted all day. Tuesday I got to church and got side tracked right away and it was almost time for the worship rally to begin and I realize that Hannah was running around the sanctuary in her gown and robe! Wednesday...forgot her shoes again...dumb me! Amazingly, today we made, clothes, bow in hair and everything (although the bow never lasts long, but that's not my fault!). I went in to get her this morning and she wasn't in the bed. She had climbed into the tub with Maw Maw! So she was actually dressed when we arrived! Oh well, don't mind me, my mind isn't functioning as normal this week! One more day!!


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