Friday, June 09, 2006

Tonight we went to eat with Hannah's Meme and Papa at P.F. Chang's. Yummmmm! I love P.F. Chang's. I am so full, I could pop! Afterwards Hannah wanted Meme and Papa to come over and play at her house for a little while and after she twisted their arms (not!) they agreed to it. The outfit Hannah is wearing has flamingos on it. When we were shopping at Dillard's yesterday Hannah saw that dress and had to have a dress with "pink damingos" on it. She also found one with ballerina slippers that she had to have. I agreed pretty easily to them because they both had bows on them! I'm not so sure Joey was as impressed with more new clothes. Oh well, he does think she is cute in them!

I love this picture of Hannah. You can't tell her daddy loves to play with her, can you? And...I bet you can't tell she loves for her daddy to play with her either! You can really see how her hair has gotten pretty long...well compared to how long it was about 6 months to a year ago. I don't care if she is mine, she's adorable! Sometimes I sit there struck by how cute she is and wonder how I got so lucky!

Today Hannah ate about 6 tomatoes from one of her plants. Never fear, they were cherry tomatoes, tiny ones! We were outside watering the plants and I pulled them off of the vine and rinsed them in the water hose and she chowed down! It was hilarious because I asked her if they were good after her first one and she said, "uh huh," as she shoved another in her mouth.

Blogger Princess Rene had this to say:

Seriously...LOL How did you get her..hee.. Shawn! Go look in the mirror. And you always did love bows! She is beautiful!


Blogger QueenBee had this to say:

Geez Joey looks a lot like his mom.


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